America Wants To Know Who Will Play General Zod In The New Superman Film

December 5th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

Zack Snyder’s remake of America’s favorite superhero film is drawing in a lot of attention as the staff looks to start the casting of the new Superman Movie.  The first Superman film was released back in 1978 and starred one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors Christopher Reeve. Christopher was an up and coming actor who landed the original Superman The Movie, as well as the sequels. Christopher Reeve played a superhero like no one else and it was a tremendous loss when Christopher Reeve died of heart failure in 2004.

Since the making of the original film, Superhero films have become one of the most popular films to hit the big screens. The television Smallville has also been a huge success and has attracted many Superman fans. While you may think that the biggest talk comes from which Hollywood hunk will play Superman, the real excitement is from who will play General Zod. The villains in superhero films are always exciting, especially if the villain is one of Hollywood’s favorite actors. The television Smallville actually has many more villains than the actual films with a director like Zack Snyder, there is no telling what will come from the new Superman Movie.

It looks like picking the villain will be just as hard as picking the leading role of Superman and from the looks of entertainment betting odds found at online sportsbooks on the casting of both parts, who will play the villain is the hot topic. Although the film is not set to be released for some time, fans are already having a little fun with the development of the film in suggesting who will make the best General Zod.

Ralph Fiennes     +400
Rupert Everett     +500
Jason Isaacs     +500
Daniel Craig     +600
Samuel L Jackson     +600
Mickey Rourke     +1000
Christopher Ecclestone +1200
Ken Watanabe     +1400
Rufus Sewell     +1400
Joaquin Phoenix     +1400
Ewan McGregor     +1600
Mark Ruffalo     +1800
Sean Penn         +1800
Leonardo Di Caprio     +2000
Brad Pitt         +2500
George Clooney     +2500
Russell Crowe     +2500
Will Smith         +2500
Adrien Brody     +3300
Gerard Butler     +1600
Ray Stevenson     +1200


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1 Response for “America Wants To Know Who Will Play General Zod In The New Superman Film”

  1. Grant Hilderbrandt says:

    Snyder said some time ago that Zod will not be the villain, so I’d lay odds on nobody being Zod.

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