Dancing With The Stars Betting Odds Show Nichole Scherzinger As A Fan Favorite

March 23rd, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

Millions of fans tuned in Monday night for the premier of Dancing With The Stars Season 10, and what a great start to the season it was. Age showed no barrier when it comes to smooth dance moves on the stage, and even 80 year old former astronaut Buzz Aldrin proved that even at his old age, he’s still got it.

It was obvious that each couple had put in hours of training for the big night, but it was Pussy Cat Doll Nichole Scherzinger who stole the spotlight. While most of her dance experience falls along the lines of what we like to call “booty dancing’, she took on ball room dancing like she had been doing it for years. This was noticed not only by the audience, but by the judges as well.

NFL star Chad Ochocinco may have shown of his dance moved after scoring in one of the big games, but it was nothing compared to his graceful steps shown on stage Monday night. Both he and Nichole are sure to be fan favorites. It is a possibility the two that will have a dance off in the finals.

Kate Gosselin had every intention of coming into this competition with a playful attitude, but after last nights performance, she proved that this competition is way more serious that she expected. Talk has already begun that her time on Dancing With The Stars will be short lived. Former 90210 star Shannen Doherty has mentioned a time, or two, or ten that she entered the competition in honor of her father, which according to her dance moves, will not help her in the competition.

Although Buzz is putting forth a lot of effort, older competitors typically do not stick around very long.

Whom ever the favorite couple may be this early in the competition, online bettors can show their support by placing a wager using entertainment betting odds. While there are currently no lines listed on Intertops, previous odds do show Nichole as one of the dancers likely to take home the title of Champion of Dancing With The Stars Season 10.

Evan Lysacek     +125
Nicole Scherzinger     +225
Chad Ochocinco     +300
Erin Andrews     +900
Jake Pavelka     +1200
Pamela Anderson     +1200
Aiden Turner     +1800
Shannen Doherty     +2800
Kate Gosselin     +4000
Niecy Nash     +4500
Buzz Aldrin     +5000


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