Free NCAA March Madness Bracket Contests In Demand

March 14th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

The March Madness tournament is nigh, and bracket contests are beginning to spring up all over the world through a variety of venues. Online sportsbooks in particular have already begun to offer a booming number of bracket contests – many of which are free.

Every one of the 68 teams will be working toward securing their position in the contest, and fans will be following right along side the teams in their quest toward dominance. Some may say the teams themselves are engaged in the real competition, but bracketologists all know what can be on the line over the March Madness tournament.

In addition to private competitions between friends, online sportsbooks are all offering their own renditions of the bracket contest. Most of these online sportsbooks offer their competitions for free, or at least free with a deposit. In some cases, enormous prizes are all available, each of which represents a substantial gain when compared to the lack of a required buy-in.

BetUS – $5 Million Grand prize

BetUS is offering one of the largest prizes of any bracket contest. They are currently offering a $5 million dollar top prize to he or she who manages to select a perfect bracket. For every $100 wagered on games through the 2011 NCAA Division 1 basketball tournament, players will be able to make one entry into the bracket competition. Access to the competition is granted directly on their front page.

Bodog Sportsbook – $5,000 Grand prize

The rendition of the the bracket contest through the Bodog sportsbook has a fairly high amount of cash prizes available, with a $5,000 top prize to the most successful bracketologist. Their free to enter tournament does not even require a deposit, and it can be entered without any financial risk. A total of 500 players will win a prize for their efforts in the bracket contest, and entry can be accessed as easily as visiting their sports section and clicking the “March Madness” tab.

Intertops Sportsbook – $25,000 Grand Prize For 63 Picks

Intertops has also decided to launch a bracket contest for their players, and it can be found through their promotions page. Intertops is offering their bettors a $25,000 prize to the player who can make 63 correct selections in the free to enter bracket tournament. Should no single player win the $25,000, prize, each of the top 25 players will win $1,000 for their efforts. Special reload bonuses are also available through Intertops.

5Dimes Sportsbook – $500,000 In Bonuses For Perfect Bracket Plus 100% Of Pool

5Dimes is also offering a bracket competition however it is not free for entry. Should one choose to enter, they must first join 5Dimes, and then make a deposit. 5Dimes has 4 levels of competition: $1 bracket, $5 bracket, $10 bracket, $25 bracket. The benefit of this is that entrants only compete against those who decide to put money on the line. This limits the number of entrants unlike completely free brackets which can attract millions. The winner for whichever level of entry earns 100% of the money in the pool. If there is a tie, and the tiebreak is not able to settle it, the money will be split evenly between the winners. 5Dimes incorporates a bonus for perfect brackets. Get all 63 games right on the $1 bracket and earn $100,000 in sports betting bonuses. Get all games right on the $5, $10, or $25 bracket and earn a $500,000 sports betting bonus. This bracket competition is open now and can be found on the left nav after the player has logged in.

BetJamaica Sportsbook – $1,000,000 Grand prize

Though they are not one of the most commonly used sportsbooks online, BetJamaica is also set to offer their own bracket competition. The Tourney Madness competition is offering serious prizes, with a $10,000 top prize awaiting he or she who can make the best set of picks. For those who want to partake in BetJamaica’s tournament, the window of opportunity will close on the 17th of March. In order to partake, players simply have to log in. A link is readily available on their betting card.

With the March Madness tournament right around the corner, players will have to get involved in the bracket contest as fast as possible. Players will be urged to make their picks before the week is through.


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