Justin Timberlake, Diddy, & Conan O’Brien Among Favorites To Replace Simon Cowell on American Idol

March 2nd, 2010 – By Bonnie

Well this season of American Idol came with some very disappointing news, and that was what Simon Cowell will be ending his run on American Idol after season 9. Simon has been the face of American Idol since the very start of the show. Season one, he was the judge that you love to hate. His brutal honesty gave him the reputation of being the “mean judge”, when in all reality he was simply doing his job. His job is to provide America with talented singers that have the chance of really making it in the entertainment business. Unfortunately, there are more people with no talent that are under the delusion that they can sing and chase a dream they will never catch until they get a reality check from people that know the business first hand, such as Simon Cowell.

Over the years, Simon has become a fan favorite, and American Idol just wouldn’t be the same without him. But fans are going to have to adapt to a whole new attitude on American Idol when, and if, Simon Cowell leaves. As one of the original judges, it will be hard to replace Simon, but we can only assume that producers will try to find someone with a raw sense of humor and the ability to deliver the stunning truth like Simon Cowell. It may not always be what contestants want to hear, but with a judge like Simon, at least you can take the words to heart.

Fans will have to stay in tune to season 9 of American Idol and follow the Simon drama as we search for our next American Idol. While you can always find Entertainment Betting lines listed on BetUS, you can also find some fun betting odds on the judges. This top USA online sportsbook is offering betting lines on who will will replace Simon Cowell when he leaves American Idol. Online bettors can get in on the action early by placing a wager on who they think will make a good “Simon”.

Piers Morgan +200
Sean “Diddy” Combs +500
Quincy Jones +500
Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds +500
Conan O’Brien +500
Simon Fuller +800
Paula Abdul +600
Rob Stevenson +700
Russell Simmons +700
Prince +1000
Ben Folds +800
Elvis Costello +800
Carson Daly +1500
Jon Gosselin +1500
Jermaine Jackson +1000
Justin Timberlake +550
Hugh Laurie +800
Ryan Seacrest +1200
Tommy Mottola +800


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  1. anna mcalinden says:


  2. Lily says:

    I think Justin would make an awesome judge! But I doubt he would do it. He’s so busy! I’d definitely start watching just because him! They would get much more ratings just cuz he’s on! :o)

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