Once Again, New York Yankees & Boston Red Sox Lead Class of 2010 World Series Odds to Win

February 7th, 2010 – By John Ritter

It seems like only yesterday the New York Yankees claimed their record 27th World Series Championship over the Philadelphia Phillies.  As the calender has flipped to 2010, so to has another chapter in Major League Baseball, with the season just around the corner.  Spring Training is only a couple weeks from beginning, and teams are making changes, and filling voids in their roster to give them the most complete chance to claim the World Series title.

Several teams have made some notable moves and acquired key positions.  The Seattle Mariners added ace pitcher Cliff Lee to their rotation which will give the team a great chance at competing for the American League West title.  While the Philadelphia Phillies lost Lee to Seattle, they filled the void by adding Roy Halladay, who was perhaps the most sought after pitcher this off-season.

The LA Angels added a big bat to their line-up by acquiring Hideki Matsui from the Yankees in a multi-million dollar deal.  Matsui was a cornerstone in the playoffs for the Yankees last season and is an excellent addition the the Angels organization.

As the 30 teams in Major League Baseball prepare to enter spring training to finalize their rosters, Online Sportsbooks have already started to field odds for the 2010 World Series Champion.  The usual suspects are at the forefront of the list, but as with any sport, anything can happen.

Here is a look at a few of the leading favorites heading into the 2010 Major League Baseball Season:

The New York Yankees headline the top spot to win the 2010 World Series according to the Major League Baseball Betting Lines at Bodog Sportsbook.  Last season, the Yankees ended their nine-year World Series drought, by defeating the National League champion Philadelphia Phillies.  The Yankees have lost Matsui and center fielder Johnny Damon, but have filled the holes by adding outfielder Randy Winn.  Winn is capable of playing all three positions in the outfield and came at a far cheaper price tag than Damon.  The nucleus of the New York team is still there, in Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and C. C Sabathia.  The Yankees currently sport 11/4 odds to repeat as World Series Champions.

The Philadelphia Phillies came up just shy of repeating as World Series champions.  They won two years ago by defeating the Tampa Bay Rays, ending  a championship drought.  The team has a long history of losing, but has turned it around the last several years to win consecutive division titles.  They lost pitcher Cliff Lee, but got a huge addition in Roy Halladay.  Halladay will fill the top spot in the Phillies rotation for 2010.  Philadelphia has currently been installed as 6/1 favorites to claim their second World Series title in three years.

The Boston Red Sox are also among a favorite entering the 2010 MLB season.  They have lost some players, but managed to fill the majority of gaps in the roster.  They added SS Marco Scutaro in a two-year, $11 million deal in early December.  Later in December the team got outfielder Mike Cameron to replace the loss in Jason Bay.  That same day they made their biggest off-season move by getting pitcher John Lackey.  Lackey signed a five-year, $82.5 million contract.  Lackey will fill in nicely for the Red Sox rotation and should produce wins.  The final move the team made came in early January when they added 3B Adrian Beltre on a one-year, $9 million deal.  With the holes in the roster seemingly filled, the Red Sox now enter spring training trying to figure out how to defeat the Yankees for the AL East crown.

Odds to Win 2010 World Series

Atlanta Braves  20/1
Baltimore Orioles  100/1
Boston Red Sox   7/1
Chicago Cubs   20/1
Chicago White Sox    28/1
Cincinnati Reds   40/1
Cleveland Indians   75/1
Colorado Rockies   16/1
Detroit Tigers      28/1
Florida Marlins    25/1
Houston Astros    70/1
Kansas City Royals   85/1
Los Angeles Angels   14/1
Los Angeles Dodgers   12/1
Milwaukee Brewers    40/1
Minnesota Twins    24/1
New York Mets    18/1
New York Yankees    11/4
Oakland Athletics    65/1
Philadelphia Phillies     6/1
Pittsburgh Pirates    125/1
San Diego Padres    80/1
San Francisco Giants    18/1
Seattle Mariners      18/1
St. Louis Cardinals     13/1
Tampa Bay Rays      25/1
Texas Rangers          24/1
Toronto Blue Jays      100/1
Washington Nationals     150/1


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3 Responses for “Once Again, New York Yankees & Boston Red Sox Lead Class of 2010 World Series Odds to Win”

  1. Rob says:

    John, need to correct you the Yankees won their 27th World Series title, not 26th.

  2. bonkersinyonkers says:

    Yanks all the way again in 2010. 28 anyone? Who else has had success like the Yankees? Pittsburgh only has 6 super bowl championships. One for the other thumb, we got more than enough for all our fingers and toes.

  3. Randy says:

    The Red Sox are going to win the world series? That would be a stupid bet. They will not even win their division let alone the world series. The Yankees will have a chance like always, but they will probably choke it away in the playoffs.

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