Skating With The Stars Heating Things Up At Online Sportsbooks

November 29th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

Skating With The Stars is quickly becoming a fan favorite and doing a great job of replacing America’s favorite reality series, Dancing With The Stars. Fans have found that watching Skating With The Stars is a good alternative to Dancing With The Stars while the latter gets ready for a new season. Last week was the premier of Skating With The Stars, and millions of people tuned in to see what this new reality series was all about. Many fans liked what they saw and were impressed with the level of intensity this reality series is bringing to the table.

As if learning new dance moves was not challenging already, Skating With The Stars adds another level of intense competition. Ice skating is difficult for most people master, especially at the level these performers are delivering. Some of the tricks displayed in last week’s performances were right up there with what we see from a professional skating couple. While it is undoubtedly helpful to have a talented professional skater teaching the stars all of tricks to the trade, it still makes for a very difficult talent to pick up in such a short time.

The stars in this season have already delivered very exciting performances. It will be interesting to see how each couples steps it up as the competition grows more intense week after week. This week will be the a elimination week, and the stars will really have to fight to impress the judges and all of America to stay in this competition. Entertainment betting odds listed at the top online sportsbooks are saying that Rebecca Budig is the top contender for taking home the title of Champion of Skating With The Stars but the competition has just begun and some of these competitors seems to be very set on making it to the end.

Skating with the Stars – Who will win?
Closing Date: Nov 29, 2010 20:00 GMT -4
Option     Win Odds
Rebecca Budig     -143
Jonny Moseley     +150
Bethenny Frankel     +800
Brandon Mychal Smith     +800
Sean Young     +1400
Vince Neil     +3300


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