Super Bowl XLV Spread, Alternate Lines, & Other Betting Lines

February 6th, 2011 – by Alex

An entire season of play and two weeks of hype has led everyone to one point: the Green Bay Packers battling the Pittsburgh Steelers for the title at Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. Kickoff for the game is expected to be at approximately 6:29 ET with coverage being shown across the United States on FOX.

Perseverance has been the name of the game for the Packers all the way up to this match up. Despite suffering an excruciating amount of injuries early on in the season, and having to battle hard to even make the playoffs in the first place – Green Bay has fought against all obstacles to achieve the ultimate goal.

Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, has been amazing throughout the postseason en route to leading his squad to three road wins in a row. And while Rodgers has gotten the majority of the fanfare, nothing should be taken away from arguably the biggest wild card offensive talent on the Green Bay roster – James Starks. Adding a legitimate new dimension to a team desperately needing a running attack, Starks has been crucial to freeing Rodgers up to do damage against opposing defenses. On top of everything, Brandon Jackson is now back in the situational back role he has always thrived in.

The one consistent thing about this offense is the play of their high caliber wide receivers, Greg Jennings and Donald Driver. Through solid and effective showings by both men, Jordy Nelson and James Jones have found themselves essentially ignored by opposing secondaries. As long as both players can consistently make the catches they need to make, the Steelers defense will have their hands full on Sunday.

Although the offense has gotten a lot of well deserved praise, Green Bay’s bread and butter always has been and always will be their defense. Three rounds back against the Philadelphia Eagles, it was an interception that ultimately ended the game. Against the Atlanta Falcons, it was a defensive score on the final play of the first half that ultimately proved to be decisive. And, of course, against the Chicago Bears it was an interception that turned into a score that proved to be the difference when all was said and done.

Even the special teams squad has done their part for this Packers unit. Tim Masthay had six very solid punts inside the 20 yard line in these playoffs.

Meanwhile, the Steelers come into this game riding high after essentially dominating the AFC all year long. While they may not have the glitz and glamour that other teams in their conference have, they are a solid organization from top to bottom – as shown by the fact that they are aiming for their seventh franchise title.

Quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, has completely recovered from his offseason scandals on his way to a great year following his served suspension. Because of his size and uncanny ability to make big play after big play when it matters most, the Pittsburgh passer has simply added to his legacy as a clutch performer in these playoffs.

Running back, Rashard Mendenhall has done a stellar job assisting Roethlisberger in leading the offense with his versatile skills and unquestionable leadership. Also helping out the Steelers QB are his receivers who have accounted for a mere 29 completions in their past three efforts. While the numbers don’t exactly jump off the page, as with Roethlisberger, these players simply make the plays they need to make. Heath Miller and Emmanuel Sanders have the most receptions on the squad, and serve as security blankets of sorts for their quarterback. Hines Ward, Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace, meanwhile, serve as the reliable wildcards – each of whom brings their own skill to the table.

The one obvious concern for the Steelers will be their offensive line, as center Markice Pouney’s injury will no doubt be a factor in this one.

When it comes to the defensive side of the ball, there is simply no questioning this Pittsburgh group. As one of the consistently best defensive squads in the NFL, the Steelers have overcome an injury to Aaron Smith early in the season to continue to dominate. Ziggy Hood and Brett Keisel have both been solid, and Lawrence Timmons has chipped in 19 tackles in a mere two playoff outings. Veterans, James Harrison and James Farrior have been good for 14 tackles and 13 tackles, respectively, in the last two games. LaMarr Woodley and Harrison, for their part, have chipped in two sacks and three sacks, respectively.

Super Bowl XLV Spread: Depending on which of the online sportsbooks consulted for this article, the game line for this matchup is between 2.5 to 3 points. Additionally, oddsmakers have set the over/under at a total of 45.5 points as listed at Bodog Sportsbook. On the season, both teams have performed well against the spread. The Steelers come into Super Bowl XLV with a 12-6 record against the spread while the Packers enter this matchup with a 12-7 record against the spread in 2010-2011.

Super Bowl XLV Alternate Game Lines: Alternate game lines either put a team at a greater advantage, or disadvantage, depending on which way the line has been moved and which team is wagered upon. Below are some alternative game lines for Super Bowl XLV as available to bet at Bodog Sportsbook:

Pittsburgh Steelers +7.5 points (-225 or bet $2.25 to win $1)
Green Bay Packers  – 7.5 points (+185 or bet $1 to win $1.85)

Pittsburgh Steelers +10.5 points (-325 or bet $3.25 to win $1)
Green Bay Packers -10.5 points (+250 or bet $1 to win $2.50)

Pittsburgh Steelers +14.5 points (-625 or bet $6.25 to win $1)
Green Bay Packers -14.5 points (+425 or bet $1 to win $4.25)

Pittsburgh Steelers -3.5 points (+185 or bet $1 to win $1.85)
Green Bay Packers +3.5 points (-225 or bet $2.25 to win $1)

Pittsburgh Steelers -7.5 points (+275 or bet $1 to win $2.75)
Green Bay Packers +7.5 points (-350 or bet $3.50 to win $1)

Other Super Bowl XLV Betting Odds: Other NFL betting lines listed at Bodog take action on everything from first half totals, to wagering if the game will go to overtime. Below are some of the more popular proposition bets as related to the game itself:

Which team will be leading at halftime & at the end of the game?
Pittsburgh Steelers (half)/Pittsburgh Steelers (full) – 2/1 (bet $1 to win $2)
Green Bay Packers/Pittsburgh Steelers – 11/2 (bet $2 to win $11)
Tie/Pittsburgh Steelers – 12/1 (bet $1 to win $12)
Tie/Green Bay Packers – 11/1 (bet $1 to win $11)
Pittsburgh Steelers/Green Bay Packers – 5/1 (bet $1 to win $5)
Green Bay Packers/Green Bay Packers – 13/10 (bet $10 to win $13)

Will Super Bowl XLV go to overtime?
Yes – 6/1 (bet $1 to win $6)
No – 1/10 (bet $10 to win $1)

Will Super Bowl XLV be decided by exactly 3 points?
Yes +350 (bet $1 to win $3.50)
No -500 (bet $5 to win $1)

Will the total points scored in Super Bowl XLV be odd or even?
Odd (-135) – (bet $1.35 to win $1)
Even (+105) – (bet $1 to win $1.05


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