Talk Of Michael Jackson Returning From The Dead Hits Online Sportsbooks

December 29th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

It seems as if we may have another Elvis Presley case on our hands, as online sportsbooks are talking about the possibility of Michael Jackson coming back to life. Depending on what religious beliefs you may have, the idea of Michael Jackson coming back to life may be as funny as it sounds, or as likely to happen as you believe. Like every great idol in our time, the world suffered a great loss when the King of Pop died unexpectedly.

The stardom of Michael Jackson goes without saying, and he did in fact make pop music what it is today, hence his nickname, the King of Pop. Michael Jackson’s fame is comparable to the late Elvis Presley in a sense that the music industry suffered a great loss when he died back in August of 1977. Despite the fact that many attended his funeral and the media coverage was all but in the casket with him, people still recognize the King of Pop as the man they have passed in the street. Sightings all over the world have turned his death into a believe it or not mystery.

It is likely that some fans of Michael Jackson will grieve in the same way Presley fans did and refuse to accept the situation at hand. Death is not an easy thing to accept for some, and it may be that we will just have to wait and see if Michael moon walks his way out of the grave and back on to the stage. Entertainment betting odds are offering fans the opportunity to voice their opinion on the subject and wait to see what happens.

Currently, Sportsbetting.com is taking action on whether or not Michael returns from the dead in 2011. Here is the bet and the odds available for betting.

Will Michael Jackson come back to life between the dates of January 1st, 2011 and December 31st, 2011?

Yes: +5000 or 50 to 1 odds (Bet $1 to win $50)
No: -90000 or 1 to 900 odds (Bet $900 to win $1)

Sportsbetting.com will have the final decision in the matter and winning bettors will be rewarded at that time.


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63 Responses for “Talk Of Michael Jackson Returning From The Dead Hits Online Sportsbooks”

  1. MONIKA says:


    Where does it hurt? what are video do you talking about?

  2. MONIKA says:


    explain to me better!!???

  3. MONIKA says:

    not understand what you said??

  4. Kimberly says:

    MoniKa, sorry for the delay. The UK Discovery report on Michael Jackson’s so called autopsy was canceled because so many of Michael’s fans, family and his esate protested the airing of the report. Even though it is not Michael who was autopsied in this autopsy report.

  5. MONIKA says:


    is not michael, how so?Michael was not, then who did?

  6. The Reckoning says:

    Now Chris, everyone knows that the aliens didn’t invent crack. That was the government that did that. The aliens don’t have MJ either. He’s actually hiding from the ppl who did 9/11 which also happens to be the same ppl who invented crack and the same ones who can’t seem to locate that missing law that says you actually have to pay taxes too. The aliens are the ones who own the Federal Reserve along with all the other world banks and are completely invisible to the public. They have to be. You see, the (you know what) is about to hit the fan and when it does, they better NOT be visible because they probably won’t make it back to their spaceship to haul (you know what) the hell outta here fast! Oh you’re gonna want front row seats for this one my friend. MLK and Thomas Jefferson are smiling from above ;)

  7. MONIKA says:

    A coroner involved in investigating the death of Michael Jackson said on Tuesday (11) testified that even if the singer had given him the medicine itself that killed him, it does not eliminate the charge of manslaughter against the doctor who attended him

    The testimony of Christopher Rogers, chief medical examiner of Los Angeles County, can disrupt the defense strategy of the doctor Conrad Murray, claiming that the musician caused his own death.

    According to Rogers, the fact that Murray gives the powerful anesthetic propofol given to Jackson without the necessary precautions already constitutes a form of manslaughter.

    His testimony was part of the sixth day of preliminary hearing on the case in which Murray is guilty for his death, which occurred in June 2009 because of an accidental drug overdose. Prosecutors argued that Murray was negligent in taking their medications and observation of their patient. The doctor pleads not guilty

    At the hearing on Tuesday, defense attorney J. Michael Flanagan asked Rogers about the injection of propofol that are normally administered in hospitals, but that Jackson wore in his house to get to sleep. “If the doctor did not put Mr. Jackson in propofol, is not murder, is it?”asked Flanagan

    Flanagan asked if Murray should be prepared for the fact that Jackson inject propofol itself. “If this was a possibility, yes, ” replied the coroner. But Rogers also said in the affidavit that medical experts believed, based on the evidence, it was Murray who administered the anesthetic in Jackson

  8. Kimberly says:

    Monika, there is no definite time table of when Michael will return, but one video I saw recently seemed to indicate a MJ return in July of 2011,or more specifically July 4th. So the only thing we believers can do is wait and see…

  9. MONIKA says:


    yes, could you send me this video in which you saw??


  10. ShooFlyYouBodderMe says:

    Doubtful you will see MJ return, if at all, until the tit has gone completely dry. There’s still way too much more money left to be made from a captive audience that wasn’t there when he was alive post 2005. The wells that were drilled haven’t been totally drained of it’s contents yet. You still have more bogus albums to come out and Lord knows what else. Plus there’s plenty enough fools out there willing to hand over the moolah for it.

  11. MONIKA says:


    horse you are talking about ..?
    is clearer, I did not understand anything you said….

  12. MONIKA says:

    anyone believes that murray can get 4 years in prison for killing michael jackson??

    or is it a farce! ???

  13. MONIKA says:


    what do you mean by: it will hurt???

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