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Welcome to our About page at SportsbookGurus.com. Our company consist of several individuals that have a ton of experience in online sports betting. They are all very knowledgeable with different sports so that we can bring you all of the latest sports news stories. Read more about all of the authors for SportsbookGurus.com below.

Jimmy – Senior Editor And Writer

Jimmy is the veteran here at Gurus and he offers a ton of valuable insight for our visitors. He has more then 15 years experience with betting on sports and he has been watching sports since he was a kid. Jimmy will occasionally write stories on different events but his main job is to ensure that the other writers are covering what they need to. He also is in charge of making sure that all of the news stories are accurate and include all that they need to. Jimmy primarily works behind the scenes to make sure everything is running smooth and that the most pertinent news stories are being brought to the readers.

John – Writer

John is a great addition to the crew here at Gurus and he is already helping you get the latest news for several different sports. John is a avid sports fan that covers a variety of sports. John is a graduate of Florida State University with a degree in creative writing with a minor in sports journalism. John has been writing sports since 2003, covering everything from high school sports to Division-I football. His writing can be found in four newspapers (contributing in several others), three magazines and one online news source. He was also a co-host on two sports radio shows and two sports television segments. As an avid sports fan all his life, John was a three-year letterman in baseball at his high school. He still enjoys playing pick-up basketball and football and is an avid Hold ‘Em Poker player. His TV is fixated on ESPN, watching everything from billiards to the World Series of Poker. He rarely forms his betting strategy based on feel, opting for researching the games through many channels instead. John usually only bets on the college football bowl season and the NCAA basketball tournament. John’s experience will be very useful to our readers.

Bryan – Writer

Bryan is a new addition to the team at SportsbookGurus.com and he has a wealth of knowledge to offer visitors. He comes to Sportsbook Gurus with significant experience, and knowledge in the sport industry, which includes a Masters Degree in Sport Administration from Florida State University. His main sport is golf and will be covering all of the PGA sports news here at SportsbookGurus.com. He is a scratch golfer (on good days) that really has a good understanding of the game which has lead him to have an unquenchable appetite for the sport. Dubbed ‘The Country Club Superstar’, Bryan is your guy for anything on the ATP Circuit. Majors are Bryan’s specialty and he really gets excited about the U.S. Open, both Golf and Tennis. In addition, Brian also is an avid fan of NFL football and college sports and he will often contribute to stories related to them as well.

Huey – Writer

Huey is an avid sports collector of everything MLB and boasts that he has been to 26 of the 32 current MLB stadiums, including the new Shea and Yankee Stadiums. He played Division I field hockey and comes from a lineage of college athletes. He began writing sports for a small hometown newspaper covering field hockey, lacrosse and volleyball after his college career, and began dabbling in the major sports soon after. His writing career brought him to SportsbookGurus because he became interested in how lines and betting improve viewing experiences, and how widespread it is among fans. He specializes in MLB because he was a beat writer for two teams briefly before joining the Gurus staff, and shows an excellence in providing insight and “the big picture” with his news articles.

Chester – Writer

Chester O’ Leary was a writer for a small news publication, before joining the ranks at Gurus.  Anything related to sports, Chester knows what he is talking about.  He has played baseball, basketball and football.  He has a great knowledge of the current happenings in all professional, and collegiate leagues  as well as European football/soccer.  His interest in sports betting brought him to Gurus with it’s continued growth and popularity.  Chester is also an avid follower of women’s collegiate volleyball and volunteers helping his local community college’s women’s basketball team.

Scott – Writer

Scott is just a good ole boy from the South. College Football runs in his blood, as it does many from the region. Since starting with SportsbookGurus, Scott has produced many intriguing NCAA football stories and has provided crucial betting statistics which have undoubtedly helped readers. When football season is out, Scott turns his attention to MMA and NASCAR. Scott had a brief stint in the garage of a Sprint Cup team but was let go after the team lost sponsorship. Instead of returning to the garage, Scott came to SportsbookGurus and has been a wonderful addition ever since.

Steve – Editor, Writer,  and Stats Manager

Steve is the most advanced sports bettor on the staff here and he helps with all of the odds and stats that are used in the news stories. There isn’t a sport that Steve doesn’t bet on, and not consistently win. Though he is modest about his abilities, he isn’t afraid to share an opinion or two on what he expects to happen. Furthermore, Steve is a fantastic writer, able to cover any and all types of stories from any sport no matter how obscure. His sports betting knowledge his tremendous sports handicapping skills makes him an  invaluable asset to the SportsbookGurus News staff.


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