There is no more important factor to promoting your product than through advertising. Brand recognition is number one when it comes to growing your business. So, how can your brand gain recognition if nobody knows about your product? The answer is simple… advertising. All Fortune 500 companies like Wal-Mart, General Electric, Ford Motor Company, etc… know that proper marketing is the best way to gain recognition as well as credibility. The more places a consumer sees the product or name, the more trusted it will become. AT&T didn’t become a tele-communications giant just by offering a service that consumers needed, they emblazoned their logo everywhere, bought commercials on television and radio, as well as purchasing tons of advertising in print. The proof is in the pudding. Why else would these companies spends millions upon millions of dollars every year in product placement?

So, what can do for you? Within our news section, we can place your banners, images, and product information so that your message can be delivered to the masses. Currently, averages between two and six thousand visitors per day. That’s as many as 6,000 people that you could be leaving a lasting impression on… every day. “You have to spend money to make money,” is an old adage that still holds true even today.

We believe that we can help your business experience the growth you’re looking for as well as help maximize your earning potential. We have some reasonably priced options available for those looking to take their enterprises to the next level. has several ways in which you can get your brand out there.


Throughout our news section, you will notice banners. Any of these banners can display your product, store, or website. Images are the quickest way to catch the eye of potential customers. offers several places within the news section where images can be placed. This includes on the news homepage as well as within the individual stories on the website.

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News Stories
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Custom Advertising

With custom advertising, we can accommodate any need you have. Not every company wants to purchase banners, some prefer to purchase text advertising, or a combination of both. For them, we have custom packages available depending on your needs. We can work with any request.

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