Betting Odds Formed For Alabama Crimson Tide’s 2013 College Football Regular Season Win Total

Alabama Crimson Tide The Alabama Crimson Tide have won three out of the last four national championships as Nick Saban has built quite the program going in Tuscaloosa right now. As the Crimson Tide get set to embark on the 2013 College Football regular season, they should be pretty used to having a target on their back.

Alabama has been the favorite to win the BCS National Championship this season, going off at 3/1 at Bovada Sportsbook. But Bovada has just released additional betting odds for the Crimson Tide as well as the rest of the teams in the major conferences.

College football team win total betting lines are always fun to check out, and for Alabama they actually have a pair of odds to decide between.

There are two over/under win totals for the Crimson Tide, with one set at 11 and the other set at 11.5 Both would require the bet on the over to push to 12 wins, which would be representative of an undefeated season. But with the win total at an even 11, there bring the option for a push at 11 wins, with 10 wins or less than taking the under total. With the 11.5-win wager, that brings in 11 wins for the under total. That half-point on the betting line is a huge difference on the payout.

If we look at the 11.5-win line, a wager on the over at 12 wins is going off at +200, which is a 2/1 profit margin. On the flip side, a bet on the under, meaning 11 wins or less and the payout shifts down to -260, which is almost 1/3.

Just by bringing the win total to 11, the option for a push drives the payout on the over down to +110, which is just over even, despite the fact that the 12 wins would be needed to win the bet on either side.

As a result, if you are wanting to bet the over it would seem much better to take the line at 11.5 wins where the profit is much higher. You just run the risk of no push.

The under total at the 11-win line is set at -140 on the payout. This is a great example of how payouts can shift just with a half point, or when there is a push on the line.

Alabama doesn’t have an easy schedule, but they avoid Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina in the East division, which is a big plus. They do still have to travel to Texas A&M and they get LSU at home. The Crimson Tide also kick things off to open their season in the Georgia Dome against Virginia Tech.

Outside of those three games we mentioned though, the Crimson Tide have quite an easy schedule for a team in the SEC this season.


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