Oregon/Auburn Likely In Title Game…Other BCS Bowls Not Quite Clear

December 5, 2010 – By Scott

The 2010 College Football Season has finally come to a close after conference championship games were decided this week. All that is left now is to find out who will play these champions in their respective BCS bowl games. Although none of these matchups are set in stone, it does appear that Auburn and Oregon will square off in the 2011 BCS title game in January. The conference’s champions are in committed to certain bowls, unless they happen to be No. 1 or 2 in the BCS poll.

The 2011 BCS National Championship game is obviously going to be between the Tigers and Ducks after both teams finished the regular season undefeated. Auburn finished off their season with a win over South Carolina in the SEC championship game on Saturday. Oregon capped off their season with a win over Oregon State, so these two should finish 1 and 2 when the final BCS poll is out. TCU is the only other undefeated team in NCAA football but strength of schedule will keep them out of playing for it all. Oregon and Auburn should meet on January 10 in Glendale, Arizona to decide the championship.

The SEC champion is committed to the Sugar Bowl which takes place on January 4. However, with that being Auburn, the Sugar Bowl will need a replacement and another SEC team is logical and could likely be Arkansas. The Razorbacks finished 10-2 on the year and and their opponent will likely be one of the Big 10 co-champions…possibly Ohio State.

The winner of the ACC championship is locked into the Orange Bowl on January 3 and their representative will be Virginia Tech after their win over Florida State on Saturday. The Orange Bowl will get to decide who the Hokies will play and their choices are limited. Connecticut and Stanford are two of these choices, but Connecticut seems to be the fit based on geography. But with Stanford being 11-1, this makes them a hard option to turn down.

The Fiesta Bowl on January 1 will definitely have the Big 12 champion Oklahoma as one of the guaranteed teams. The Sooners beat Nebraska in the title game to earn their spot in this BCS bowl. The Fiesta Bowl will get the at-large pick for their opponent and Stanford and Connecticut will be their choice. However, if Stanford is ranked in the Top 4 of the BCS, it gets the automatic bid to a BCS bowl so Connecticut is expected to be in the Fiesta Bowl.

Another New Year’s Day BCS bowl will be in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl. TCU should wind up here after Oregon made it to the title game. According to BCS rules, for the games in 2011 through 2014, if they lose a team to the title game, a non-AQ team will get the bid and TCU should be the pick. The Big 10 race ended in a three-way tie so the tie-breaker goes to the highest ranked BCS team which should be Wisconsin to play TCU on January 1.


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  1. Michigan State beat Wisconsin, who beat Ohio State, therefore Michigan State University should be the Big Ten Champion and is the Rose Bowl Representative from the Big Ten. Why should you guys determine which game they are INVITED to? Who died and made you G-D?

  2. With your arguement, James Madison beat Virginia Tech so they should be in the Orange Bowl.

    Projections are simply projections. Good luck to Michigan State.

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