Texas Has No Plans to Move to Big 10 Conference

February 26th, 2010- By Chester O’Leary

The University of Texas is content with where they are in the Big 12 conference, and will not partake in a planned expansion in the Big 10, said director of athletics Deloss Dodds.

In a meeting with the The Associated Press earlier this week, Dodds quelled rumors that eluded to a possible shift in conferences for the University.

Within his statements, Dodds remarked that Texas would only naturally be a target for any conference, due to their history in both athletic and academic achievments, but added that the relationship between Texas and the Big 12 is where he wants.  “It’s working. I like it.”

“I think it’s been a great conference for us and we’ve been good for the conference. Before the [Big 12], we were struggling with recruiting and struggling with all kinds of things. The Big 12 has brought us stability, kept Texas kids in Texas,” he remarked.

“All the sports have been good to us. We’ve built up some good rivalries. It’s been good for us,” Dodds said.

This is the fourth time since 199 that the Big 10 conference has considered an expansion.  Penn State was the last team to become a member, joining in 1990.  Notre Dame was the last team offered to join in 1999, but refused and opted to remain Independent.

“We’re always going to be looked at. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. That’s a good thing,” Dodds stated.

Texas is one of the most profitable athletic programs in the country, with a very large alumni base that follows closely.

Dodds stated that contrary to reports, there have not been any talks between Texas and the Big 10.

He also added that if a team were to leave the Big 12, he believes that he conference would simply add a new team, rather than disassembling.  The only problem that Dodd sees is the younger age of the conference as compared to some others around the country, like the Big 10 and Southeastern.  The Big 12 was formed in 1994.

“People around the country kind of pick on us because we don’t have ‘tradition.’ I don’t think we need that. I think we’re pretty darn good. You don’t have to be 100 years old to be good,” Dodds said.

Texas lost in the college football BCS Championship game to Alabama back on January 7th.  For the upcoming year, NCAA Football sportsbooks believe that the Longhorns will be a factor again.  Bodog sportsbook has installed the team with 14/1 odds to claim their second BCS title in five years.


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