Tiger Woods 2012 Major Championship Prop Betting Odds Following The Masters

Tiger Woods went into Augusta National last week for the 2012 Masters with everyone expecting him to come out with a victory.

Now, we seem to be back to where we were before Woods won at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, asking ourselves if Woods will ever win another Major after a very disappointing finish last week in which he was never a factor on the weekend.

It’s amazing how much scrutiny one weekend of golf can get, but that is exactly the case with Woods, who admitted that he struggled big time at Augusta throughout the course of the week, and needs to put in some more reps on the practice tee to get ready for the next part of his schedule.

We’ve seen Woods make big strides on the golf course this season, but in the Masters, in the biggest moment of his last year, he simply crumbled under the pressure, and looked lost.

But there are still two month between now and the next Major Championship of the season, when The Olympic Club in San Francisco hosts the U.S Open.

And after the easy conditions last year for the U.S Open, you can bet that the USGA will have something special in store for the 2012 tournament.

But what are the odds that Tiger wins a Major Championship in 2012, with arguably his best shot already having come and gone?

PGA Tour Prop lines available at Bovada Sportsbook are fielding wagers on his remaining chances.

The odds that he will win one Major has been set at +250 on the dollar amount wagered. But from there, it jumps up significantly, with two Major wins out of the next three set at +1800, and all three going off at +6600.

The odds that he won’t win one this year, well that’s the favorite, installed at -350.

But as we said earlier, Woods still has plenty of time and tournaments to compete in, including The Players Championship in May, among others. So there will be plenty of tests to get his game right and peaking at the times he wants.

Should be fun to watch.


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