With No NBA, Oddsmakers Turn To NBA HORSE Tournament

  • The NBA is planning a HORSE tournament to be televised sometime soon.
  • The players in the tournament have not yet been announced.
  • Still, oddsmakers are giving the same odds for an eastern conference player or western conference player to win.

LAS VEGAS – The NBA has set up a way to keep people interested in the league as they are planning a HORSE Tournament.

HORSE is a basketball game many people are familiar with. One player takes a shot, and the second player has to replicate that shot. The game continues until someone misses – the person who didn’t miss gets a letter.

When the person gets all five letters – H O R S E – the game is over, and they are the winner.

Per Adrian Wojnarowski, the details are still being finalized at this time. However, that has not stopped sportsbooks from offering odds on the competition, albeit in mildly abridged format.

Since there are not any players announced for the competition, many online sportsbooks have been offering odds in a different way.

For example, on Bovada, there are bets on what division and conference the winner will be from. Let’s break some of them down:

NBA H-O-R-S-E – Competition (ESPN) [ Must be played in 2020 for action. Official results on NBA.com ]

  • Winner comes from East Conference -115
  • Winner comes from West Conference -115

This is a pretty interesting bet – a lot of the major stars in the league play in the Western Conference. Lebron James, Kawhi Leonard, Steph Curry, and more all call the West their home. At first glance, one would think the West would have an advantage.

However, in the East, there are potential HORSE powerhouses like Kevin Durant and Trae Young, masters of making shots – the most crucial skill when it comes to winning games of HORSE.

Moreover, the uncertainty around whether this event will happen or not, and who will participate if it does, has led to a situation where the odds are even between the two conferences – both have -115 odds to take it.

There are also bets like the following:

NBA H-O-R-S-E – Competition

  • Winner is 6 feet 6 inches or taller -110
  • Winner is 6 feet 5.75 inches or shorter -120

Effectively, this is a bet on whether or not a smaller player or a bigger player takes this competition. Smaller NBA players tend to be more dependent on their athleticism and jump shooting abilities, which is why they are favored.

For example, when considering the best shooters in the league, one name comes to mind: Steph Curry, who is decidedly shorter than 6 feet 6 inches. Guards like Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks or Buddy Hield of the Sacramento Kings – players who play like Curry – are also likely worthy of consideration.

These bets will likely become more focused once the details of the competition are available, but for now, there could be a lot of value in placing money on this early – before the odds start to seriously move.


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