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College basketball has become one of the most popular sports around, and this has brought in a whole new world of betting on college basketball games, the NCAA Tournament and all kinds of other betting lines that surround the game today. This was to be expecting knowing that NCAA basketball is one of the most spectated events each year and fans typically flock to legal sports betting sites to make their wagers... this is especially true if their NCAA Tournament bracket has already busted!

But, placing wagers on the sport can be very trickey given that most of the best players only stop in for one year before going to the NBA. Furthermore, there are over 330 teams in Men's Division I college basketball and having a valuable resource to turn to for unbiased statistical info geared towards the person who wanted to wager is extremely valuable. Of course, wouldn't build you up and get you all excited if we couldn't fill that need. Below is our complete guide to betting money on NCAA basketball starting with the most trusted betting sites that we routinely use with our own money.

Need Help Betting On The 2014 NCAA Tournament?

When you're done fooling around with those silly brackets that never pay off and take way too much of your time, try making some imaginary wagers on the games based off the official game lines including the spread + the total a.k.a. the over/under number. This can be a fun way to get practice and it doesn't cost a thing. If you're ready to get started, look just below and all current betting odds for 2014 NCAA Tournament games that you can put real money on at Bovada will be shown.

Final Four Betting Odds - Game Lines

Best NCAA Basketball Sportsbooks

Bovada Sportsbook - 50% to $250

All throughout the season, Bovada has betting lines focused on NCAA basketball. This is one of the main games through their sportsbook due to the overwhelming number of games that take place every year. Bovada gives a 50% new depositor match bonus sportsbook promotion which can be worth upwards of $250 if you take full advantage but it only takes a minimum deposit of $20 to qualify.

This bonus is then backed by one of the best names in sports betting. Their odds are amongst the most fair, their standards are immaculately high, and they will never mistreat any player who keeps their account in good standing. Every game and every line is covered by Bovada's betting card.

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BetOnline - Up To $1,000 Free Bets

BetOnline is another of our preferred online sportsbooks. They use their high powered betting card to provide players with easy access to all of the NCAA basketball betting odds possible. Futures, props, teasers, straight bets and more can be found through the service that BetOnline provides. You will also be able to collect their 25% match bonus, good for up to $1,000 in free cash, whenever you deposit into your account. BetOnline is one of the safest online sportsbooks, so you can also feel secure in the fact that you will be able to win and cash out through this online sportsbook.

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NCAA Basketball Scores & Schedules

NCAA Basketball Scores

nfl scoresIf you are the type who enjoys total score betting, then you will want to keep your eyes on the NCAA Basketball scoreboard. The scoreboard will show you how each team has fared in their previous games. This is also helpful if you happen to miss a game, want a reminder as to how the teams did in past performances, or are simply curious. NCAA Betting is always more successful with every bit of information, regardless of how minute or seemingly insignificant.

NCAA Basketball Monthly Schedules

Every week there is a monumental number of games involved in betting on NCAA basketball. With so many games occurring simultaneously, keeping track of each is usually a pain in the neck. With our NCAA Basketball Monthly Schedules you will be able to see exactly who is playing who and when they are set to play. Furthermore, there will also be information as to where the teams are going to play. The only piece of scheduling information we couldn't really supply is what channel will host the game, as each region handles televised sports somewhat differently.

NCAA Basketball Team Schedules

If you would rather take your College basketball betting on a more personal level, you will be able to sort the schedules by team. The NCAA Team Schedules will let you choose your individual team and view their respective schedule. Since each team will be playing quite a few games, having the ability to view one team's entire schedule is highly convenient, especially for those bettors who only like betting on the NCAA Basketball Season on one or two teams. This is one of the more popular tools, as micromanaging your wagers is important if you are to succeed.

NCAA Basketball Betting Resources

NCAA Basketball Matchups

Since there are many teams to follow in College Basketball Wagering, you will want to look at the NCAA basketball matchups. These Matchups pit two teams side by side in order to have a deeper view on how they will play. The two teams are compared statistically in order to give you as much information as possible. This will subsequently help you in your betting by showing you which team has the statistical superiority. These stats are vital to placing a wager, as a team will likely continue their similar performances unless the match up is between a team that is horrible and a team that is stellar.

NCAA Basketball Betting Trends

Any experienced sports bettor will tell you that following NCAA betting trends isessential for success. Even if you have never placed NCAA Basketball Bets, youcan expect to have a slightly better chance at success by following these trends. Trends are usually reliable for placing wagers, as teams tend to repeat their performances throughout the entire season. Though these are more of a guideline than they are a solid way to handle bets, the information will still prove invaluable in NCAA Basketball Wagering.

NCAA Basketball Standings

Following the entire season of NCAA basketball can sometimes prove overwhelming. In order to keep better track without having to sift through multiple websites, you can refer to our NCAA basketball standings. These standings, sortable by team or rank, will let you see who is going far and who is not making the cut. Throughout the season these standings can change fairly wildly, so it is always a good idea to check back periodically and see how the teams are doing.

NCAA Basketball ATS Standings

Spread betting has always been one of the most popular forms of betting on NCAA Basketball, and you will have one statistic that is essential for these bets over any other. The NCAA Basketball ATS Standings were designed to show players how the team fared against the spread, whether they met the spread or failed to meet the spread. Covering the spread is not something all teams are capable of, and these ATS standings will be able to tell you if the team is capable or not.

Best Sportsbooks To Bet On NCAA Basketball Games
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Bovada Review 50% - $250 YES Antiqua VISIT
BetOnline Review 25% - $1K YES Panama VISIT
SportsBetting Review 25% - $1K YES Panama VISIT
5 Dimes Review 50% - $520 YES Costa Rica VISIT

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NCAA Basketball Statistics

NCAA Basketball Offensive Statistics

Offensive statistics are just as important in NCAA Betting as they are in any sport. With the NCAA basketball offensive stats, not a single vital statistic related to the performance of these players is underscored. Rebounds, shot completion percentages, and even the number of three point shots are all listed. These statistics can help you determine whether or not a team's offensive crew is capable of putting up a fight against their opponent's defense. A powerful offense is necessary for both the bettor, you, and the team to succeed. Before placing any wager on point totals or spreads, you will definitely want to check the offensive statistics.

NCAA Basketball Defensive Statistics

The best defenders in the league will invariably win more games, and learning more about the NCAA basketball defensive stats is vital for placing wagers. You will not be able to be a highly successful sports bettor if you do not pay attention to all of the important stats, not the least of which is that of the defensive stats. This includes blocks, turnovers, rebounds, and similar bits of information.

NCAA Basketball News, Game Previews & Recaps

nfl newsNCAA Basketball News - Following the major events will help you with your NCAA betting. Each of these events are detailed in news stories. Therefore, by following the NCAA news, you will have a better chance at succeeding when betting on the College Basketball Season. News stories will cover anything from the outcome to major games to the suspension of players, and everything in between. These news articles also provide a professional view on the event, as our analysts are well versed in the sport.

NCAA Basketball Injuries - nfl injuriesAs with any sport, injuries will be a chronic problem. When you are formulating Wagers On NCAA Basketball, you will want to pay close attention to the injuries list. A sprained ankle or a hurt wrist can take an essential player out of the game, and thus slant the odds for or against a particular team or wager. Checking the NCAA basketball injuries reports will show you who is damaged and who is playing.

NCAA Basketball Game Previews

Before any game, we suggest that you look into NCAA Basketball Season previews. These previews will prove invaluable, as they will show you how the teams are expected to perform. Any major pregame event will also be listed, as these can have a serious toll on the outcome of the event. We will try to cover all of the major games of each season, though each game will have a preview that will carry at least a rudimentary series of information.

NCAA Basketball Game Recaps

After the game, our informative little widget will show you a recap of the event. The recap will, at the very least, show the score at the end, as well as which team took the spread. If you have money on a game, you should definitely check the recap to see if you had any success. These recaps will also be useful if you miss the game, so do not worry if you were not able to see the game televised or hear it on the radio. While not as exciting as first hand viewing, the recaps will still provide you with a solid read to kill some time.