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Online horse betting is exactly what the name implies: a way of placing bets on horse races over the Internet. If you want to learn how to bet horse racing online, or aren't sure where to bet on horse racing on the Internet, read on for examples of horse bets, sites that accept bets on horses, and the ins and outs of the most popular varieties of horse racing wagers.

Can USA Players Bet Online on Horse Racing?

Yes, provided that they do business with an online sports betting or horse race betting site that accepts American customers. Some sites don't do business with Americans thanks to restrictions in some American states against Internet gambling and restrictions on how certain financial institutions can do business with gambling websites.

Websites That Allow Online Wagering On Horse Racing

Online horse betting requires just a few things: a little bit of cash to wager, a way to deposit that cash into an online gaming account, and a good horse betting site to gamble with. Placing bets on horse races over the Internet is no more complicated than placing any other kind of wager; you just need to find a horse race betting site that you like.

When looking for an online horse betting page, look first to make sure they do business with people from your country of origin. Not every betting site does business with citizens from every world country. Then make sure they accept a funds transfer method that you have access to. Finally, look into the varieties of bets they let you place, and any bonuses or promotional offers they make, especially for new depositors. First-time deposit bonuses can be quite lucrative, especially if you're planning on making lots of horse betting wagers.

Here's a quick look at three of the best sites for online horse betting on the Internet.

Best Sites To Make Bets On Horse Races

Bovada - 5% Cashback On Horses

American customers will be glad to know that Bovada not only allows American wagers on horse racing, it was actually designed specifically for American customers. Bovada has a regularly-changing lineup of bonuses for new customers and repeat depositors as well, and offers one of the widest varieties of horse wagers on the Internet.

Bovada Racebook Review Visit Bovada Racebook

BetOnline - 7% Rebate Program

BetOnline is another US-friendly horse betting site online, currently accepting wagers from Americans. Betonline has been in business for a long time, since long before the days of Internet betting. They are a trustworthy company, and offer a rotating schedule of bonuses and promos to make your Internet horse betting a little more lucrative.

BetOnline Racebook Review Visit BetOnline Racebook

Logo Best Online Racebooks Bonus USA Players? Location Visit
Bovada Racebook 5% Rebate YES Antiqua VISIT
BetOnline Racebook 7% Rebate YES Panama VISIT
Sportsbetting Racebook 7% Rebate YES Panama VISIT
5Dimes Racebook 9% Rebate YES Costa Rica VISIT

How To Wager On Horse Racing

Horse race betting is pretty much standard the world over, with a lineup of very specific bets that bettors can place no matter what track or what kind of race they're wagering on. If you want to learn how to bet on horse races online, you need to learn the most popular ways to bet on horse racing before you jump in and place wagers.

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3 Most Popular Ways to Bet on Horse Racing

The vast majority of horse racing wagers that take place over the Internet will be one of the following three types:

Win/Place/Show Bets - A Win bet a gamble that the horse you pick will win the race outwin. You win this bet if your horse comes in first place. A Place bet is a gamble that the horse you pick will come in either first or second place. A Show bet will offer a smaller payout than either a Win or a Place bet, but pays off if the horse you pick comes in first, second, or third. You can also place a bet called "across the board," which is similar to placing a Win, Place, and Show bet on the same horse, collecting whatever amount you'd normally collect if that horse comes in first, second, or third place.

Quinella Bets - A Quinella bet is a slightly more complex bet, but since it offers bigger payouts than a Win/Place/Show bet, it is popular among gamblers that like the thrill of competition. To win a Quinella bet, you have to pick the horses that finish in both first and second place. The good news for the bettor is that either horse can come in either place, so placing a Quinella bet on the two horses with the two best odds is a pretty wise investment.

Pick 3 Bets - Similar to a parlay bet in other sports, a Pick 3 bet is a gamble that asks you to pick the winner of three races in a row. In order for this bet to payoff, you have to pick the winner of each leg of a set of 3 horse races. The payoffs can be big, but the odds against you are long.

Why Betting Horse Races Online Is Better Than In-Person

Convenience – You don't have to get dressed, take a shower, get in your car, or even get out of bed to bet the horses online. You can plug in your laptop, sit in bed, and make all the bets you want.

Atmosphere – If you haven't been to a horse racing track before, you're not missing out on much. Even the top-tier tracks lack atmosphere, and are generally magnets for lowlifes, bums, and thieves.

Bet Variety – When you bet horse racing online, you can bet at a variety of tracks, place a wider variety of bets, and gamble on other games while you're at it, especially if you're betting at one of the online racebooks attached to an online casino or poker room.

Ability to Research – Since you're already on the Internet, you can use your computer's resources to do research into the horses you're betting on, above and beyond what's made available to you in the racing form. You can learn more about researching horses and other useful info on our horse racing wager tips page.

Bonuses & Promotions – It is extremely unlikely that a live horse racing track will offer you bonuses and promotions like the top horse betting sites do. Ask the guy in the cage at your local horse race track if he'll match your deposit, and you're likely to get a smack in the face.