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Here at we are always looking for the fastest sportsbook payouts around, especially now that sports betting is legal in the USA. We know how important it is for you to be able to receive your funds in a timely manner. When a player chooses an online sportsbook, they want to win, and they want to get their winnings as fast as they can. We specialize in the different payout options that you will find at various sports betting sites, and want to share with you a bit about what you can expect to see. There are different options for you to choose from, all of which you can expect to receive in a short period of time. Not all payout times are created equal though, with some being much faster than others. Having said that, we also layout several sportsbooks that have proven to be very reliable when it comes to getting their players paid out fast.

There are a number of recommended online sportsbook deposit methods that players can take advantage of - it really just depends on what type of player you are, and where you reside. There is a big difference between a player living in the United States, and one who is not. Those in the United States are a bit more restricted when it comes to the selection of payout methods. They can thank federal laws on sports betting and restrictions on banks processing online gambling payments for that. While certainly not impossible, it does make things a bit more difficult. You will find by reading this page that checks, wire transfers, and bank wires are offered most often for those sites accepting United States players.

But it's not just U.S. players that we are concerned about. We are concerned with all players. As such, we discuss methods for both players in the United States and abroad, as you will definitely notice the differences between them. Most notably will be the fact that international payout methods are offered in bunches.

Fastest Sportsbook Payouts For USA Players

Residents living in the United States will have several options that they can pick from when choosing to make a withdrawal from an online sportsbook. It's important to note though that not all of the options offered at an online sportsbook will be USA compatible, nor will every U.S. friendly payout option we mention on here be offered at every sportsbook. However, most sports betting sites that accept USA players will have ways in which it is possible for Americans to make a withdrawal, and receive a quick payout. These options are listed out and discussed below so that when you do visit the sportsbooks you will have a good understanding of what to expect.

Bitcoin - There is not really a sportsbook out there that does not accept bitcoin deposits. You can get payouts using bitcoin in as little as a few hours at some sportsbooks. This is by far one of the most populart sportsbook payout options available to players from all over the world. And, you do not have to worry that you may compromise your credit card information by using it at a sportsbook.

Checks - Just about every online sportsbook where Americans can create accounts will offer this check option as a payout. One of the nice things about a check is that it cuts through any of the problems that U.S. players could run into as far as other electronic means. The process to receive a check through a sportsbook is easy, taking anywhere from one to four weeks following the completion of the withdrawal request form completed by the account holder. A check is accompanied by small fees as well, which makes it nice. If you are an American player, it's hard to go wrong with a check in the mail getting out to you the winnings that you deserve.

Wire Transfers - A wire transfer payout can be received by American players from a sportsbook as well. A wire transfer sends the funds from the player's account into a designated account for them, either a bank account or other account that the player has set up. One of the nice things about a wire transfer is their high payout limit. They are among the highest limit payouts for U.S. players, meaning that is it a good option for those who like to bet big.

A wire transfer can take up to 10 days to process and go through, but is often quicker. There are various fees that can come attached to receiving your payout this way, which typically hinge on the amount that is being withdrawn.

Bank Wire (ACH) - A bank wire and a wire transfer are along the same lines, with a few differences. An Automated Clearing House transaction is a fairly simple and less expensive route than a wire transfer, specifically based on the speed. A bank wire can take longer to receive than a wire transfer because the action made by the bank to put the money into your account from the sportsbook is processed in batches, and not individually like a wire transfer. At the end of the day though, a bank wire option is certainly one that can be relied upon to get American players their payouts safely and efficiently.

Other Withdrawal Methods - While the three withdrawal methods we listed above are the most common ones you will find for players in the United States, there can be some other options as well.

Take 5Dimes for example, as they offer a debit card payout opportunity for their players. With a minimum withdrawal amount to the card $100, up to a maximum of $2,500 there is plenty of room to work for an American player. They are known as Debit Card Funds Applications (DFCA), and they are used by some sportsbooks primarily for the convenience factor for USA players.

A Visa or MasterCard are the two brands accepted most, and the only ones in the case of 5Dimes. They work pretty fast as well, only taking 3-5 days once processed. The fees can range, anywhere from $15 to $40 dollars which depends on the amount that is being withdrawn.

Fastest Sportsbook Payouts For International / Non-U.S. Players

Other countries around the world are more liberal on gambling online than those in the United States. As a result, the different payout options can vary considerably, especially when it comes to the electronic transfer of fund. USA-accepted methods can also be used to International players, plus the ones that we are about to mention below.

Credit / Debit Cards + VISA Electron & Maestro - Some sportsbooks will give Non-USA players the chance to have cash put back on their credit cards and debit cards. This will typically be for those players who chose to deposit with the card, as it will have to be put back on the same card. It will be specified by the sportsbook in the Cashier section if they accept these methods of deposit or not.

The VISA Electron is a multi-national debit card operated by Visa, while Maestro is MasterCard's version of the same thing. These international cards are allowed at sports betting sites, and give players the chance to both send and receive funds in their account. International cards like the VISA Electron and Maestro gives those with accounts at online sportsbook yet another way to get a fast payout. But the fact that users will not have to create any additional accounts certainly makes it an appealing option to receive the payout.

Skrill - This is a very international friendly payout option, because it currently has the capacity to transfer and process 41 different types of currency in the world. And when dealing with account holders from across different continents, sports betting sites want to offer player the opportunity to do so. This makes Skrill at great Non-USA player option to get a payout. Receiving a withdrawal via Skrill is very quick, with the transfer of funds made into the player's Skrill account instantly on the withdrawal request is approved.

PayPal - American players at sports betting sites definitely want PayPal to be a deposit and payout option, because it's so popular and easy to use. But the fact of the matter is that it currently doesn't allow for USA online gambling transactions. Outside of the U.S. though, international players can get in on the action and take advantage of the service provided by PayPal. This electronic wallet makes it very easy for the sportsbook to deposit into a player's account, needing only their PayPal accounts to make the transfer. This often is accompanied with no fees, and the transfer takes mere minutes which is why this is found at only the best online sportsbooks in the world.. PayPal is very popular across the world, and is a popular choice among making deposits and receiving payouts at sports betting sites.

NETeller - NETeller provides international players with a safe and secure way to receive a fast sportsbook payout from which they have an account. This service is provided to people in 180 countries. And while USA players are not able to use the service for online gambling transactions, other countries are, with online gambling being the majority of makeup for NETeller's clients. NETeller stopped allowing USA players in 2007 after complications arose. That being said though, this is a great option to choose for players outside of the U.S., with very fast sportsbook payouts received.

Instadebit - Instadebit allows players at sports betting sites to transfer directly from their bank account into their sportsbook account. This is very nice because it allows the player to keep their personal banking information from the sports betting site. And while the sportsbooks are very safe and secure, this is just an extra measure and a nice feature of Instadebit for those players who are concerned about the issue. To use the Instadebit option, players must first register and create an account at their site, which can then be used to transfer funds back and forth through their sportsbook. This obviously includes receiving a payout through Instadebit wherever this option is offered at sports betting sites.

Other E-Wallets - Electronic Wallets (e-wallets) are a very popular way to send and receive funds at sports betting sites for a couple of reasons. First, it executes the transfer very fast going both ways, so the payouts take place very quickly. Second, e-wallets act as a nice barrier between the player and sportsbook to prevent players from having to reveal and input all of their personal banking information to make and receive a transfer. Online sportsbook are typically safe, especially the ones we play at and review, but the e-wallet allows that worry to disappear entirely.

Sportsbooks That Have The Fastest Withdrawal Options

Bovada - Two Day Payout Capable

Bovada Sportsbook has garnered a reputation as being one of the best online sportsbooks today. They have awesome lines for you to wager on and have a huge selection of betting options like live sports betting online. They accept bettors from the United States, and have a couple of different ways in which players can receive their winnings.

A check through the mail is offered by Bovada as a payout option, as is a Rapid Transfer wire transfer. Both of these payout options are offered to players in the U.S. The time is takes to receive the check is typically between 7-10 business days, with roughly the same time on a wire transfer. A maximum payout of up to $3,000 per check is offered, or up to $800 per Rapid Transfer. Fees for the Rapid Transfer range from $20 to $60, depending on the amount.

How Long Do Bovada Sportsbook Payouts Take?

  • Check From Bovada- 7 to 10 Business Days
  • Western Union - Up To 48 Hours
  • MoneyGram - Up To 48 Hours
  • Bank Wire - Up To 5 Business Dyas

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BetOnline - Super Fast Payment

BetOnline offers all of their players some of the fastest sportsbook payouts around. With incredibly fast payout methods such as checks by FedEx and other couriers, you can expect to receive your money in a few days at the most. Players can withdraw up to $2,500 with a check, with different time periods of delivery able to be chosen by the player, ranging from seven to 30 business days.

It's not only a check that is offered by BetOnline though. There is also the option to receive payments through a bank wire for American players and for international players, there the options of using Skrill and NETeller. A bank wire can take up to 10 days, with a maximum amount at $15,000 per transaction.

For Skrill, the payment will be received within a 36-hour window, and cannot go more than $8,000 per week for each payout. It should also be noted that a Skrill payout can only be received by those who used Skrill as their sportsbook deposit method, with $20 fee per payout.

When it comes to NETeller, the same time frame of the 36 hours to receive a payment holds true just as when using other payment methods like Skrill. The same limit of $8,000 per week is also consistent, as is the $20 fee for using the service.

How Long Do BetOnline Sportsbook Payouts Take?

  • Check - 7 Business Days ($50 fee), 15 Days ($35 fee), 30 Days ($25 Fee)
  • Bank Wire - Up To 10 Business Days
  • Skrill - 36 Hours
  • NETeller - 36 Hours

BetOnline Review Visit BetOnline

SportsBetting - Quick USA Payout is a leader when it comes to offering the quickest sportsbook payments. Both players from the United States and abroad are accepted, so you can know that both payouts for U.S. and international account holders are available.

They have several options available for bettors including some that allow instant payouts. We've been fortunate enough to win our bets and have tested the payout system personally. A check through the mail or courier is offered, as is a bank wire. The limit on a check is up to $2,500, while the bank wire is four times that at $10,000. Players with a lot of money to risk often choose to go the route of a bank wire both depositing and making a withdrawal.

For a check payout, it could take anywhere from seven to 30 days for delivery, depending on how much of a fee you are willing to pay. It can go up to $25 to mail. For the bank wire, it's a fee from $5 to $75, and will take approximately 10 business days.

How Long Do Payouts Take?

  • Check - 7 Business Days ($50 fee), 15 Days ($35 fee), 30 Days ($25 Fee)
  • Bank Wire - Up To 10 Business Days
  • Skrill - 36 Hours
  • NETeller - 36 Hours Review Visit

5Dimes - Many Fast Options

5Dimes Sportsbook allows players from the United States and abroad to get their payout requests very quickly, utilizing a variety of different methods. These payout options get account holders their winnings quick, to keep the customer happy.

A check in the mail, money order, and debit card funds application are offered to players in the United States. The check and money order options are pretty standard, and range anywhere from $40-$150 in fees. As for the Debit Card Funds application, this is a neat feature where money won can go right back on the player's card. This is only offered as a withdrawal option, with those making a deposit with a Visa able to get this opportunity.

For international players, an Instadebit and NETeller option is available. These e-wallets are only a $15 fee per transaction, with the money deposited into the player's Instadebit account instantly.

How Long Do 5Dimes Sportsbook Payouts Take?

  • Check - Up To 3 Weeks
  • NETeller - 36 Hours
  • Instadebit - 36 Hours
  • Money Order/Cashier's check - Up To 10 Business Days
  • DCFA's - 3-5 Business Days

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