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Welcome to the Paypal sportsbooks page here at One of main innovators in online payment methods, Paypal, makes for a great option in getting funds into an online betting account. The e-commerce business was formed as a subsidiary of popular online auction site eBay, allowing buyers to pay securely through their services. Now, Paypal is one of the biggest worldwide e-commerce business and is one that is instantly recognisable. Naturally, since their inception, they have grown to encompass new ways of depositing, withdrawing and sending money, and they continue to  be one of the most popular methods of electronic payment on the internet. Paypal sportsbooks deposits have become one of the most efficient and safe ways of funding an online betting account.

Can USA players use Paypal to deposit into online sportsbooks?

Unfortunately, USA players cannot make a sportsbook deposit with Paypal. Paypal operates worldwide, but sportsbooks taking Paypal deposits do not extend to USA users, so this is not going to be an option to get money into your accounts. Because of the online gambling laws in the US, Paypal blocks all gambling transactions from being processed. Trust us, if every US friendly sportsbook could, they would gladly accept Paypal deposits.

How to sign up for a Paypal account

Registering for a Paypal account is easy. Just head to and choose your registration options. You can opt for a Personal account or a Premier account, with the difference being a Personal Paypal account is for users who shop online, and a Premier one is for someone who buys and sells online. Registration is very quick and easy to do, just fill in the one page form and create your account. You can then add methods of funding to the account, such as attaching a credit card or bank account to the Paypal account, for both purchases and withdrawals.

Fees for using Paypal at online sportsbooks

There are fees involved with Paypal, defending on what you are doing. Buying something or transferring money to another user (funded by your bank account) is going to be free, but there is a small fee (both a percentage and set fee) per transaction when accepting payments to your account. Card transaction on Paypal to transfer money does accrue fees. Check with your Paypal accepted sportsbooks for any additional fees on their end.

Positive Features of Paypal Sportsbook Deposits

A widely accepted method of online payments
Good customer support
Many options for funding a Paypal account

Best Sports Betting Sites That Accept Paypal Deposits


It is always recommended that you look for a highly recommended online bookmaker, one who is at the head of the field. Sportsbooks that accept Paypal are slim pickings, but you should still be able to go with a highly reputable bookie, one that has good customer service. The Paypal sportsbooks we list below are among the highest rated sportsbooks found anywhere.

Sportsbooks Accepting Paypal

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