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We've looked through Internet reviews and asked our best writers and active sports bettors in the Canadian market to identify the best two online sportsbooks that accept Canadian players. The two sites listed and reviewed here are the highest-rated in all of the Canadian sports betting industry, highly rated both by our own writers and bettors and the experiences of other customers online. Our Canadian bettors and experts use these sites every day, and they trust these sites 100% with their bets.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Canada?

Canadian law has not yet taken any action to make online sports betting illegal, though some financial restrictions have been placed on the industry under pressure from the Canadian government. Though the Canadian penal code does not yet make online betting of any kind illegal, Canadians will have fewer deposit options than citizens of other parts of the world, thanks to financial concerns related to restrictions in Canada's closest neighbor and ally, the United States.

Age To Make Bets In Canada

You have to be either 18 or 19 to place online sports bets in Canada; it depends on the province where you live. If you're unsure of the local gambling age, talk to a legal professional. Canadian online sports betting sites will verify your age when you sign up, so you simply won't be able to place bets if you aren't of legal betting age in your province. As a general rule, most Canadian provinces set the gambling age at 18, though in a few parts of the country you must be 19 to place an online sports bet.

Sportsbooks Deposit Methods That Work In Canada

Thanks to legal troubles brewing in the United States, Canadians have lost some access to some of the more popular deposit methods - specifically PayPal and the use of VISA cards to fund their online accounts. VISA announced that none of their Canadian customers will be allowed to deposit to known gambling sites, and PayPal made a similar move under pressure from US government regulations. Besides those two methods, Canadians enjoy pretty widespread access to popular online sportsbook deposit methods.

Most Popular Canadian Deposit Methods

Sports Betting Payouts For Canadian Bettors

The payout situation in Canada is similar to the deposit program. Besides a couple of popular deposit methods, most Canadians enjoy a wide variety of payout methods. Don't expect to use your VISA card or popular eWallet service PayPal for withdrawals, but besides those two methods, hundreds of other payment transfer services exist to help Canadians get some of the fastest sportsbook payouts available to anyone.

Most Popular Canadian Payout Methods

  • -credit card / bank drafts (excluding VISA products)
  • -check by mail or by courier
  • -eWallet services
  • -bank wire transfers

Canadian Sports Betting Bonuses

Canadians face few restrictions when it comes to bonuses; in fact, any bonus a Canadian citizen would find at an online casino or poker room is available in a Canadian-facing sportsbook. That includes deposit match bonuses, reload bonuses, random cash rewards based on VIP programs, loyalty points for being a loyal customer, etc. Check the bonus lineup at the Canadian sports betting site you plan on patronizing before you join to make sure you like the bonus programs they have available.

Best Sports To Wager On In Canada

Canadian sports betting preferences don't differ too much from the preferences of USA gamblers, since the two countries share some professional sports leagues. However, Canadians do tend to bet more on hockey and the Canadian Football League more often than any of the major American sports leagues like the NFL or the NBA. Soccer betting is also hugely popular in Canada, probably moreso than any American professional league.

Best Sports Betting Sites For Canadian Bettors

Bodog - 100% to $100 For Canada is the Canadian-facing arm of worldwide sportsbetting and casino gambling leader Bodog. is designed specifically for the Canadian market, meaning all the deposit and payout methods listed at the site are available to Canadian citizens, and the site does business in the most popular currencies among Canadians. is also optimized for the Canadian market by offering bets on sports popular among Canadian citizens. With an ever-rotating schedule of lucrative deposits, Canadians should give a long look, as it is our favorite and highest-recommended sports betting site for Canadian sports bettors.

Currencies Accepted at

Canadian Dollar, Euro, Pounds Sterling, U.S. Dollar Review Visit

Sportsbetting - Accepts All Canada made our list of the best sports betting sites for Canadians for two reasons: they offer an industry-leading lifetime bonus program and a long list of betting varieties and deposit methods optimized for the Canadian market. offers their customers a 25% match worth up to $900 on each and every deposit they make for the life of their membership.

Currencies Accepted at

Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, US Dollar, Euro, Pounds sterling, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar Review Visit

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