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The National Basketball Association, or the NBA, is perhaps the third most commonly watched sport in the United States, and one of the major sports found through the best online sportsbooks. The prospect of NBA Betting attracts many fans and bettors alike, and provides a long season for fans to enjoy. With 82 games per team and a total of 1,230 games a season, there are plenty of opportunities to capitalize on the betting lines. There is not a single game that carries less than three different wagers based solely around that match up, making one game of basketball as profitable as five games of some other sports. Betting on the NBA can, however, be tricky at times, if you lack certain pieces of information. We have made an attempt to capture all of this knowledge in one convenient location, all so you will have an easier time at the wager line.  

Best NBA Online Sportsbooks

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Bovada - 20% to $100 Match

Bovada sportsbook is one of the leading locations for all forms of NBA betting. Bovada has brought players a wide list of betting types for each basketball game. Each game covers half bets, quarter bets, prop bets, score totals, spread bets, and just the straight money line. With Bovada's 10% match bonus, players can see monumental boosts to their bankroll before they even begin betting. Bovada's deposit methods include VISA, MasterCard, and eWalletXpress, each of which can be used to make rapid deposits.

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BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline is another of the online sportsbooks that covers most of the NBA lines. BetOnline is also the online sportsbook that covers more deposit methods than any other. Credit cards, bank wires, wire transfers, Moneybookers, American Express and even e-checks are available for many people depositing into BetOnline. BetOnline has a 100% deposit bonus, good for up to $1,000 dollars upon starting up. Coupled by their high availability of wager lines, there is no better location for NBA betting on the Internet.

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NBA Scores & Schedules

NBA Scores

As with any major sport, we have the NBA scoreboard listed. Each team's scores are listed here in, as we have managed to keep up with all of the games and their respective outcomes. These scores will give you not only the results of the game, but also some insight into how a team stands up with the total score bets. Some teams can score higher than others, and sometimes the combined score of two previous teams added up can show players what they may want to expect for an upcoming wager. Regardless, the NBA scoreboard will give you a better idea of how things are shaping up for future games and how the games have already been played.

NBA Schedules

The first bit of information will show you when the games are taking place. In NBA betting, you will have to pay close attention to the weekly schedules. These schedules will show you which games are set to take place in the week, as well as who is home and who is away. No other tool is quite as comprehensive when trying to view the week on a whole, so pay close attention to these facts when you are going to start placing wagers on the NBA.

NBA Team Schedules

The next thing you may want to look at, depending on your style of wagering, is that of the NBA Team Schedules. Team Schedules will give you an on over view of what, when, and where a particular team will play. If you are the type of bettor who only likes to place wagers on a particular team, then stick to the NBA team schedules so you can keep your scope only on the teams that you wish, rather than on the Association as a whole.

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NBA Betting Resources

NBA Matchups

In any sport, match ups are an important thing. When Betting on the NBA, you will want to pay close attention to the NBA matchups. These Matchups will show you how the two teams in an event stand against each other. A cross section of statistics will be offered, each showing you how the two teams compare. If one team has a statistical advantage over the other, then the match up report will show you how different the two teams are. If one is offensively better than the other, than it is clear where you will want to place your wager. Refer to the NBA match ups before you go ahead with any wager, as this is just another safety net to catch your fall.

NBA Betting Trends

To further narrow the scope of detail with which you wish to examine the NBA, you will probably want to pay attention to NBA betting trends. Betting trends will give you a better idea over how the teams have performed in the past, as well as how they are expected to perform in the future. Betting trends typically show you how the team has performed in the past three to five games. THis will include how they went up with the spread, how many points, on average, they had given and taken, and how they are expected to handle the upcoming game. This will be juxtaposed with how the other team had fared over the their last series, and what they expect to offer the upcoming match. If you are going to be betting on point totals or the spread, then the Betting Trends in the NBA are something you will want to look out for.

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NBA Standings

In the NBA, there are more than enough teams to lead to a relatively confusing experience when trying to keep track of each team's standings. With our list of NBA Game standings you will see just how well a team is doing throughout the season. With so many games running during the season, you may not be able to catch them all, and thus be lost when it comes to sports talk with your buddies or predicting the future of the season. Before the playoffs roll around, you will want to check the Standings in the NBA before you move forward.

NBA ATS Standings

Other than the straight up standings, you will want to refer to the NBA ATS standings when trying to do some NBA wagering. Against the spread standings will show you how a team or series of teams has handled spread wager lines throughout the current season. These standings will be a comprehensive look into the spread and how the team has managed to pull through. Whenever you are going to be betting on a spread line, you will definitely want to check the NBA Against the Spread standings.

Best Sportsbooks To Bet On NBA Games
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NBA Statistics

NBA Offensive Statistics

One of the main two statistics to look for when NBA betting is through the NBA Season offensive stats. These stats will cover how well a team has scored on the road, at home, their field goal and free throw percentage, as well as the number of three point shots completed. Rebounds, assists, and turnovers are also covered. These statistics can be sorted in ascending, descend, or even alphabetical order, and will give you a full examination of each team on a whole, or even individually - however you would like.

NBA Defensive Statistics

Defensive stats are equally as important as offensive stats. If you are looking into NBA betting, then you will definitely want to see the defensive statistics. NBA defensive stats will show bettors how well a particular team has been doing on the defensive end. Assists, steals, and points taken are all listed, as are defensive rebounds. If a team cannot make the cut on a defensive level, then their offense may not be able to cover the damage dealt to the team.

NBA Referee Statistics - Over the years there has been an unfortunate amount of corruption with the referees in the NBA. When betting on NBA games, you will also want to look into referee statistics. Some referees have a proclivity toward favorable calls for certain teams, and this is something to look into when you are going to place wagers on basketball games. A referee's history may show signs toward or against a particular team, which is definitely a cause for concern when looking into certain games - especially rivalry games.

NBA News, Game Previews & Recaps

nfl newsNBA News - Sports news stories are some of the most sought after news stories, and in the case of NBA betting, NBA news is no different. NBA news will show players everything that has been changing in the league, as well as what may have transpired in recent times. We comprehensive analysts who follow the games in the league, and our NBA news stories were designed to give you not only entertainment outside of the games, but also information that may soon help you with your NBA betting.

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NBA Injuries - As with any major sport, NBA betting will require players to have strict knowledge of the injuries. Though the NBA does not carry as many injuries as some of the full contact sports, there will be the occasional ankle sprain that can bench a key player. If a star player is taken out of the game due to an injury, then your betting odds will not be as profitable. Losing a bet on accounts of an injury could not only injure your pride, but also your wallet. National Basketball Association injuries are one of the first pieces of information you will want to refer to if you are going to be betting on the games.

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NBA Game Previews

Before you watch or wager on a game, you will probably want to look into some of the NBA previews prior to choosing your wager. These previews are regularly comprehensive, covering not only which players may or may not be active, how each player has fared in the last few matchups, and even what to expect. Before betting on the NBA games, look for news, previews, and all relevant statistics. Usually we will try to combine each of these into one of our NBA game previews, all so you do not have to hunt for what you may already know.

NBA Game Recaps

Whether you missed the game or just want to relive it, NBA Game Recaps are something you will want to check out. These recaps highlight major events during the event in question, covering the major plays above anything else. If you are looking for a detailed report for use on NBA betting or simply just for your own personal knowledge, refer to the recaps as they will be as comprehensive as possible. Since not all games are available in each region, these recaps are incredibly important for players who want to look into each big game of each season.

NBA Transactions - Mergers, trades, and acquisitions are part of the NBA, and when Wagering on the NBA you willwant to look into the NBA Season transactions to see if any important players have recently been moved. When players move about teams, the fundamental line up of a team can change. When this happens, one team can shift higher or lower in their ability to play. Regardless of whether or not the player or players in question were essential, the line up of the team has still managed to change, thus giving a new team to look into.