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he NBA holds one of the most exciting and grueling seasons in all of professional sports and the NBA betting lines make it even more enjoyable to watch. These athletes have to play 82 games in the regular season. If they are good enough they could end up playing over a dozen more games in the post season. The Playoffs are very thrilling and exciting for fans of all backgrounds. The playoffs and the regular season also provide some great opportunities to bet on many NBA games. The online sportsbooks offer NBA Lines on every single game throughout the season and post season.

Best Sportsbooks For NBA Betting Lines:

BetOnline - USA Accepted

BetOnline offers some fantastic betting lines for NBA basketball that bettors of all backgrounds will love. BetOnline overall does not offer as many lines as Bovada, but they do have closer spreads to make your bets a little easier to hit. Their lines allow for Straight Bets, Parlays, If Bets, and Teasers while offering some generous payouts. They also have very similar Future bets like which team will win the NBA Championship as well as the Conference winners. BetOnline has very clean software but overall does not have the plethora of lines that Bovada offers. One of the coolest features BetOnline has is a special CoversRadio that gives rookie bettors the chance to tune in and get expert advice on many picks throughout the day. You can also receive sports news text messages directly to your cell phone through BetOnline. BetOnline has a friendly staff that’s available 24/7 in addition to some sweet bonuses. They have a 20% deposit bonus and a 10% reload bonus. BetOnline is overall solid sportsbook that treats their customers right.

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Bovada Sportsbook - USA Accepted

Bovada out does itself in supplying only the best betting lines for NBA basketball. The offer team matchups where you can Straight Bet, Parlay, If Bet, and Teaser bet on all of the games for that day. Bovada also gives you keen information on many of the teams to help you make an accurate decision. They provide everything from stats and streaks to keep their loyal players informed. Bovada is known for having some awesome prop bets and for the NBA they do not disappoint. For Team Prop bets, you can lay down money for how well a team will perform from the first quarter to opening tip off. If there is scoring involved, you can most likely bet on it. For Player Prop bets, you can essentially bet on how well a player will perform in the game. They usually give you an over/under line for actions like points and rebounds, or assists and points. These kinds of bets can be fun and very rewarding. What really sets Bovada apart from the rest of the online sportsbooks is the ability to Live Bet on NBA games. Live Betting works directly on your browser and allows you to bet on the next action. It literally refreshes after every play. Bovada has a nice sign up bonus of 10% for all new depositors while offer easy ways to deposit. They also have excellent customer service that is available 24/7.

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DSI Sportsbook - USA Accepted

When it comes to having some of the best NBA basketball lines, you can count on DSI. DSI rivals Bovada with the abundance of unique and fantastic lines on everything to do with the game. They offer the typical basketball bets such as Straight bets, Parlays, If Bets, and Teasers. They truly offer an abundance of lines for their prop bets. DSI literally offers over a hundred different ways to prop bet on NBA games. They have bets on everything for the players and teams such as most assists to Lebron James making his first shot. You can even bet head to head matchups for certain factors like who will get the first rebound, Dwight Howard or Kevin Garnett. DSI is one excellent sportsbook that all NBA enthusiasts should try. As with all sportsbooks we review, DSI has top notch customer service that can help 24/7. All new depositors get a 20% bonus just for signing up with DSI.

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Sites for Freshest Betting Lines on NBA Games

Logo Sportsbook Reviews Bonus USA Players? Location Visit
Bovada Review 20% Match YES Antiqua VISIT
BoDog Review 100% - $200 YES Antigua VISIT
5 Dimes Review 50% - $200 YES Costa Rica VISIT
BetOnline Review 10 - 45% YES Panama VISIT
DSI Review 20% - $500 YES Costa Rica VISIT

More About Betting NBA Game Lines

Some of the more typical lines you will see on many of the sportsbooks are Spread Betting Lines, Moneylines, and Total lines. All these NBA betting lines can be very fun while you watch your favorite teams drain threes and dunk. The bets truly add another aspect to just watching the game alone.

Spread lines are very easy to bet on and even easier to figure out when gambling on the NBA. A standard spread line will have the game listed as well as the two teams playing. They will have numbers next to the teams which basically indicate the favorite and the underdog. A favorite team will have a minus sign next to it while the underdog will have a plus sign.

Some typical NBA betting lines for spread bets will look like this: San Antonio Spurs (-10) vs. New York Knicks (+10). The minus sign indicates how many points the favorite will have to win by while the plus sign indicates how many points the underdog will have towards the bet. So if we took San Antonio in the spread bet, they would have to win by 10 in order for our bet to hit. If we decided to go with New York, they could win or lose but by no more than 10 points. The spread essentially makes the games more even.

Moneyline bets when wagering on the NBA involve picking a winner out of the NBA games. It is as simple as that. The favorite team’s odds will not pay as much because they are bound to win while the underdog’s odds will pay more because they are not given any extra points to help. Moneyline bets on favorite teams can be great for Parlays because they are easier to hit than spreads. Many sportsbooks around the net also offer NBA lines on Totals.

The Total is the projected final score of a certain game. The oddsmakers base the totals off of NBA team’s average scores through out the season. Total NBA Lines can be good to bet if you have a good feeling the two teams will be firing left and right. But overall the totals can be tough to call because you really never know how well a certain team will shoot on a given night.

For accurate picks on NBA betting lines during the season, you need to do a little research and homework on the teams and games. Obviously you should look at the team’s overall record along with the record against the opposing conference. You should also keep in mind streaks on a team because they can change the NBA point spreads. If certain NBA has won 4 games in a row, it may be wise to bet on them since they are on a hot streak. Same can be said for losing streaks.