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Here you can review a unique feature for the NBA. NBA referee statistics provide detailed analysis about the games a particular referee has called. For example, you can review the home team record in which a ref has called, as well as the ATS record of the home team. Other statistics available to you are the home and away scoring under a certain Refs, as well as the number of fouls called on the home and away teams. For everything related to NBA referee statistics you do not need to look any further.

We've seen refs have a big impact on games, both that have come out on our favor, and then those that go the other way. But it can be quite interesting to see how a ref has called a game one way or the other for teams across several categories. Aside from betting trends, this tool could be the next closest thing we recommend to a must-see in terms of doing your homework prior to making a wager.

The refs for a game can easily be found, so that you can check their stats on the tool below, and click back and forth between the different categories to the one that is most relevant to you to see how one, or several, rank.

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