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Knowing the numbers is the best way to place smart bets and our NBA Offensive Stats will break down exactly how each team performs. Whether you want to know how they score on the road or at home, or say you just want to know their average score, then our NBA Offensive Statistics have you covered. Though scores are important, comparing percentages between teams may take even more precedence. Do not hesitate to use our NBA Offensive Stats to get up to date field goal percentages, free throw percentages, average 3 pointer made, as well as assists to turnovers. You will see our NBA Offensive Stats are complete.

Offensive stats can prove to be very useful numbers to take into account when trying to decide on which game you want to wager on, or if you should take advantage of one game over the other. In betting the most important thing you can try to get is a favorable matchup. Offensive stats in the NBA play a significant role in determining which favorable matchups are out there, and which ones you might want to steer clear of.

You can never have too much information when going in to place a bet on a player, team, or game. Offensive stats can be very helpful not just with game lines, but with player props, and team props as well. There will be plenty of prop odds formed for each game, and if you can pinpoint offensive stats that give you an edge, by all means take advantage of the numbers that are on this page!

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