5Dimes Sportsbook Review For 2020

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Sports betters are all encouraged to check out 5Dimes sportsbook. Odds Makers at 5Dimes know exactly what they are doing and they deliver some of the best paybacks you could hope to find. Online Sportsbooks rarely have as many features as the ones we found in the 5Dimes sportsbook review, so bettors will find 5Dimes to be one of the best sports betting experiences available through the Web. All USA players are able to bet through 5Dimes, so check out the specifics below and get into one of the USA sportsbooks with the best juice, best action, and best action.

5Dimes Online Sportsbook - 50% up to $250 Sign Up Bonus

5 / 5 Overall

Ease of software: 4.5/ 5
Betting Limits 4.5 / 5
Sports Offered 4.5 / 5
Odds Offered 5 / 5
Overall Bonuses 4.5 / 5
Customer Support 5 / 5
Financial Stability 5 / 5
Deposit Options 5 / 5
Withdrawal Time 4.5 / 5
USA Players YES

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Customer Service

Wagering Number

Sign Up Bonus

Live Chat

Minimum Bet

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Year Established

San Jose, Costa Rica



50% To $200 - 1st Deposit

Yes. 24 Hours A Day

$1 USD



5Dimes Sportsbook Bonuses: 50% To $200 On First Deposit

5Dimes gets you off on the right foot through their Sportsbook Bonuses, as show here in our 5Dimes sportsbook review. The first bonus new members will receive is a 50% match bonus up to $200 dollars. The bonus requires a 5x rollover, but a smart bettor could easily turn that free $200 dollars into immense proportions. An additional bonus can be had on reloads, up to $500 dollars this time. They also have reduced juice rewards as well as casino, lotto, and poker rewards.

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5Dimes Deposit Methods Accepted

A wide variety of Sportsbook Deposit Methods are one of the main reasons some people join certain online sportsbooks, and 5Dimes offers many viable choices for their players to bring in as many people as possible while providing flexibility. Electronic checks and wire transfers can be used for near instant deposits through banks. If you like e-wallets, and other convenient methods like wire transfers there is good news because they can be used here. Courier delivered checks and money orders can also be used by more patient players. If you already have an account with cash at a sister sportsbook to 5Dimes, you can transfer money from one to another.

5Dimes Sportsbook Withdrawals

We made sure to include how to get the fastest sportsbook payouts because we know it's an important aspect of choosing a sportsbook. Receiving your money from an international entity can sometimes be an uncomfortable transaction, but 5Dimes makes all efforts to prevent this discomfort from taking hold. Their pay outs are strikingly fast, delivering your money to you obscenely quick, especially if you use an eWallet. Otherwise you'll have to wait for a check, but money transfers can also be an option.

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5Dimes Sportsbooks And US Players

5Dimes takes particular care of their American bettors. USA Trusted Sportsbooks are known for having have such great customer service, as the American market has begun to dwindle. You will find that 5Dimes is a great home for American sports bettors, so give them a shot and see what you are missing by betting elsewhere or not at all.

Is 5 Dimes Legal?

The short answer to this question is yes. 5 Dimes is a fully licensed sportsbook that is among the best sports betting sites accepting US players. There is no laws that make it illegal to bet on sports over the internet and that means that US residents should have nothing to worry about unless the laws change, which is very unlikely. 5 Dimes is located and licensed in Costa Rica, making it one of the best legal sportsbooks available.

5Dimes Mobile Betting

Not all sportsbooks have the option, but through 5Dimes you can place bets right through your mobile phone. They have a phone number to call to place bets, or if your phone has a mobile browser you could potentially bet using the airwaves.

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Live In Game Betting At 5 Dimes Sportsbook

One of the newest things to hit the betting world is that of live in game sports betting. This allows players to bet either between plays or during commercial breaks, depending on the sport. 5 Dimes has live sports betting that allows you to bet during commercial breaks. You can bet the spread (moves as the game goes on), over / under, who will score next, and more. There is in game betting for all of the popular sports including NBA, NFL, NCAAF, and more.

5Dimes Customer Service

Customer service is the most important thing, other than betting, 5Dimes will offer, it's one of the many reason they are one of the Best Online Sportsbooks around. 5Dimes can be contacted via phone, instant chat, or e-mail. Their e-mail comes through quick, but phone and chat run instant. Bettors should have no problems using any of their customer service lines.

5Dimes Casino

5dimes review

If you feel like playing casino games through your sportsbook, rest assured that 5Dimes can offer you some great ones. While their sportsbook is what they are best known for, they also have quite a popular casino. Check it out and see what else 5Dimes has to offer players besides a highly rated sportsbook.

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Wager Types Offered At 5Dimes

The betting lines available are many upon our review of 5Dimes sportsbook, we found parlays, teasers, pleasers, the straight bets, props and more to be available money lines.

5Dimes Parlays

At 5Dimes Sportsbook, a maximum payout of $250,000 is allotted to those putting down a wager. there is the potential for an unlimited payout, but approval is needed from the sportsbook itself. Other important features of parlays at 5Dimes includes the sport of football. Football is the only sports at 5Dimes where bettors can wager parlays on the same game. This is allowed for quarter, halftime, and game lines when the ratio for the payout is greater than 3 to 1. 5Dimes allows bettors to put down parlays for live betting as well when bettor choose to participate in in-game wagering.

NFL Betting Lines At 5Dimes

5Dimes has placed special consideration on NFL betting through their sportsbooks. The NFL receives more popularity and more bets than another sport, so they have taken special care of NFL bettors. Reduced juice, advanced futures, and high paying parlays give users many options when trying to place bets through the sportsbook that is 5Dimes.

MLB Lines At 5Dimes

5dimes mlb lines

MLB betting is one of the more difficult sports to bet on. 5Dimes provides players with some useful information as well as additional reprieve from inexperienced bettors. Futures and parlays pay particularly well when betting on the MLB.

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NBA Lines At 5Dimes

Being what is probably the second most popular sport to receive bets on, the NBA also gets some of the best NBA betting odds and most varying money lines. They follow each game dutifully and you can find great rewards if NBA bets are placed properly. 5Dimes sportsbook review gives players the opportunity to win big on their favorite games, as every main event is covered by 5Dimes.

5Dimes Horse Race Betting

5dimes horse racing

Those who like the ponies will be pleased to know that online horse betting is also covered by 5Dimes. The Triple Crown is their biggest venue, but they also take bets on smaller races. Thoroughbred races from all over the United States have bet lines through this one horse betting website. The payouts can be phenomenal, and horse racing is one of the quicker bets you can place, if you don't like to wait. Don't blink!!!

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