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mlb bettingThere is something about baseball that makes it so special every season. Major League Baseball has tons of teams as well as a long season that makes for outstanding MLB betting. MLB also has a rich American tradition that has been around for over 100 years going back to Abner Doubleday in Cooperstown, New York. Such teams have built great franchises over the years like the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox for which they've been rewarded with two of the most loyal betting fanbases in the game. There have also been some legendary players like Nolan Ryan and Ken Griffey Jr.

Another good reason to watch this American pastime is for MLB gambling. Online sportsbooks have lots of lines to bet on every single game throughout the year. Finding a good sportsbook is also a breeze. You should check out Sportsbook Gurus’ MLB sportsbooks section.

Best Sportsbooks For MLB Betting

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Bovada is a terrifc place for anyone wanting to bet on baseball. There you will find run lines, spreads, over/unders, and more on MLB games. You can even find first 5 inning lines and last 4 inning lines. Bovada has a terrific 50% matching deposit bonus can be worth up to the maximum of $250 or it could be as little as $10 when all is said and done but collecting it is extremely easy. This is thanks to the fact that Bovada accepts many popular deposit methods, including those for USA Players, which include credit cards like cash wire transfers, prepaid cards, debit cards and Visa credit cards capable of making International purchases.

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Best Sites for Betting on Major League Baseball

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More About Betting On Major League Baseball

Betting on MLB has some great lines to fully enjoy the game. The sportsbooks offer many of the typicals bets like Spread Bets, Moneylines (Run lines), Totals, Parlays, Prop and Future bets. All these bets have different odds while some are much easier to hit than others. Either way the people that are in control of MLB handicapping are very good. Bettors will also be able to get big sportsbook bonuses when betting on major league baseball.

We will begin with taking a look at MLB spread bets first that are readily available at all of the most trusted sportsbooks. Spread bets in baseball are much different than spread bets for other sports. Baseball Spread bets typically has a 1.5 spread for the favorite in the game. This is different than football and basketball that can have double digit spreads on many of their games. Offering the 1.5 spread is great except when teams only win by one point, which is very common in baseball. Most of the time, the home team will get the -1.5 spread advantage, unless the home team is not very good and going against a solid squad. Then the away team would essentially become the favorite. Baseball spreads also factor in who is pitching. If a team has their ace on the mound, they are most likely going to be the favorite. For some easier MLB betting you may want to try the Moneyline or Run line bets for the baseball games. This can be much easier to hit because all you have to do is pick the right side of the MLB lines. You will be thanking yourself after the teams you pick only win by one point. Moneylines are the best bets to do with Parlays. The reason for this is the same as above, because you don’t want to lose your parlay by -.5 run.

The next type of lines that should be discussed when MLB betting is totals. Just like totals in other sports, odds makers set a total score number and allow bettors to pick the over or under for it. The total always has to do with the offensive performances of the team as well as the pitcher. When you have two ace pitchers going head to head, most likely the total will be low like 5-7. When you have two high powered offenses facing each other, the total could be around 10-14. The best way to base the total bets is to look at the numbers. Prop bets and Future bets are also MLB odds that are offered at many sportsbooks.

The sports prop bets have to do with the performances of many of the players. They have lines like will a pitcher strikeout 5 players or how many home runs will a player hit. For the future bets they have lines like which team will win the World Series. For the best odds on the future lines, you should take the bet before the season. So remember for MLB Baseball betting, you should always take a look at the records as well as the pitching because this can be an important factor in determining the winner.

Below you will find all of the best sportsbooks for betting on MLB and they are all USA online sportsbooks, so that all of our visitors can easily place bets on MLB. Bettors will find that the sportsbooks we list are the best ones available online. They are known for having some of the fastest sportsbook payouts available so that you can cash out that money from them MLB bets. They also all have exceptional sections for betting on MLB since that is what you are here for in the first place.