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Weather delays affect MLB more than any other major sports league in America. It's true for a couple of reasons. First, it's very difficult to play baseball in the rain. Second, due to the sheer volume of games during the MLB regular season, there are bound to be more games rained out than across any other league.

On this page, you can review all MLB weather reports for each game on the schedule for the day. Find out the conditions your team will be playing in and how they have fared in the past. See comparisons in night games versus day games as well. These weather reports provide you with the latest news and information available for every city with an MLB team.

The tool uses information provided by the Weather Channel, so bettors can be assured that the information is accurate and updated instantly. A complete schedule for the day, as well as extending to a 10-day period is available for the bettor to find.

A dropdown box allows bettors to switch back and forth to different divisions to see how all of those cities look on the weather reports. The potential for weather to affect a baseball game can be quite high if the forecast looks bleak. This type of information can certainly help a bettor out.

The team pages are available to click into from the weather reports as well, where the latest information for each can be found.

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