2014 MLB Standings

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View Major League Baseball standings for both Leagues, and every division within MLB.  Find out which team in both leagues are leading their division.  Review how all of the teams in baseball have fared at home and on the road.  Get a complete breakdown of how teams have played against divisional opponents in our MLB Division Standings, as well as outside of their division. Our standings list overall winning percentages, streaks and more.  Our Major League Baseball standings pages have you covered on the latest information.

Standings can be a great indicator of how a team performs during the week. This is especially true for these standings, because it's not simply wins and losses. These standings go much further in depth and expand to help the bettor with more information.

Some of the records that can be found include how a team performs versus a right handed pitcher and a left handed pitcher. Bettors can also find out how close a team is to the top of their division standings. Mentioned at the onset was the idea of streaks, and that is an important statistic in baseball. The current streak a team is on can be found and applied to a wager made. Streaks can be a great indicator of how a team might perform in an upcoming matchup. This can all be found in the expanded standings.

Basic standings include total records, home records and away records, all three of which are good pieces to know. Outside of that, relating directly to the betting line is the record of a team when they are the favorite and the underdog. Needless to say, plenty of info on standings are available.

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