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The all American pastime, Major League Baseball, has attracted a great deal of MLB betting. Major League Baseball runs the most games of any sport per season, and in this case you can expect to see 162 games per team. With 30 teams, there will be 2,430 games per season. This represents thousands of bets to be made throughout the MLB season. Whether you are a fan of the sport or just aiming to make some cash outside of your normal employment, then turn to baseball as you will never be short on a wager line. With MLB Betting, however, you will want to look into as much information as possible on which to base your bets.

Best MLB Online Sportsbooks

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Bovada - 20% to $100 Match

One of our favorite online sportsbooks comes to us through Bovada. Bovada will give players a 10% match bonus. This bonus, while not as high in the match percentage as other sportsbooks, carries absolutely no limit to how much free money may be received. This, as well as their easy deposit methods (prepaid cards, MyPayLinQ, credit cards) has made Bovada one of our favorite locations for betting. Every MLB game, as well as most of the innings, have been covered in this, one of our premier online sportsbooks with MLB betting.

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BetOnline Sportsbook

The premier home for MLB betting can be found through the online sportsbook called BetOnline. BetOnline, as the name suggests, takes wagers on nearly every event taking place in Major League Baseball. They will supply you with some of the most favorable lines, as well as some of the higher paying underdogs. They offer a 45% match bonus to get you started, giving up to $100 dollars in free money upon signing up. With deposit methods including credit and debit cards, you will never have to worry about failed deposits again. Intertops takes Western union and American Express to name just a few of their best deposit options.

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MLB Scores & Schedules

MLB Scores

Total bets are another form of important bets, and you will want to keep your eyes on the MLB Scoreboard throughout the season when trying to collect money through that particular wager line. With the use of the MLB scoreboard, you will see just how every team had fared throughout the season. The scores will be broken down according to your flavor, and can even be focused on by inning. If you miss a game, forgot the score, or are trying to calculate the possible over/under, then look into the scoreboard and do a quick burst of arithmetic, as this will give you the best possible insight to the outcome of future totals.

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MLB Monthly Schedules

Due to the enormous number of games taking place in the MLB every month, you will want to keep track of schedules on a broad basis. Before you begin your MLB betting, look into the Major League Baseball Monthly Schedules. These schedules will cover every game taking place throughout the month, broken down in an easily read outline. Regardless of your team, you will find them listed on this schedule.

MLB Team Schedules

To have a more specific view of the upcoming schedules for Betting on the MLB, you may want to refer to the MLB Team Schedules. Since most players are fairly dedicated to one or two teams, looking into these specific teams' schedules, rather than an overview of the league, may be something of interest. If you are a die hard fan of one particular team and only wish to do betting with that individual team, then refer to the MLB Team Schedules prior to placing any MLB bets.

MLB Betting Resources

MLB Matchups

Another facet to MLB Betting was lies within the MLB Game matchups. Matchups are, in a nutshell, the information comparing and contrasting two different teams. In order to adequately gauge your bet, you will need to see how two teams stand up against each other. Since each of the 30 teams are going to play a massive number of games, these comparisons are almost required in MLB wagering. The matchups are designed to clear the path for you to place your wagers.

MLB Betting Trends

With MLB Betting, you will want to pay attention to the MLB betting trends. These betting trends will give you the details on how the past game or games have gone for an individual team. Trends will highlight how teams have fared not only against the team they are about to play, but also the other circumstances surround the game. Prior to placing any wager, remember to cover yourself as closely as possible as you will want to pay attention to every little minute detail - especially in a sport with so many games every year.

MLB Standings

The MLB league standings will give you some retrospect over the games that have gone by. This retrospect can then be adapted to make future bets. A knowledge of the past will give you information as to how the future will unfold, especially when it comes down to wagering on some of the large number of games in the MLB. Whether you just want to follow your team into World Series or simply want to begin formulating a bet, you will want to look at the MLB Standings when you begin MLB betting.

MLB ATS Standings

As with any sport, looking into the MLB ATS Standings will help you along when you are betting on the spread. Not all teams will live up to the spread in every game, but the ATS standings will at least give you some guidance and direction. These standings will be the most comprehensive set of information you can look into before doing any MLB betting involved in the spreads. As one of the more popular forms of wager, spread betting statistics are of key importance, especially if you hope to make some cash through this route.

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MLB Statistics

MLB Offensive Statistics

bodogThough not always considered by bettors who are not baseball fans, the MLB offensive stats are very important when you are deciding on placing bets on the MLB. These offensive stats will cover the RBIs, the home runs, bases stolen, and every other significantstatistic as they pertain to the the game and the individual events. The MLB, as one of the more difficult sports to watch for those who are more interested in wagering and less so than the game itself, requires tracking the statistics as much as possible, making the Major League Baseball offensive stats highly important.

MLB Defensive Statistics

In almost direct correlation to the offensive stats, MLB Betting will require a firm grasp on the MLB defensive stats. These defensive stats will give deeper insight into how the players performed in the prevention of point scoring. Baseball is very dependent on knowing the statistics, especially when so many games are set to elapse. If you follow the MLB defense statistics, you will be able to succeed in your wagering even more than you already have. Betting on the MLB Season, while somewhat difficult, can be most profitable.

MLB News, Game Previews & Recaps

nfl newsMLB News - In the MLB, news is just as important as it is in any sport. Whether you are at work and wanting your fix of MLB news or simply at home with nothing better to do, or perhaps on your mobile device, you will be able to see all of the important stories right through our site. We have made it a point to follow all of the major events in the industry, and our skilled writers work around the clock to make sure no incidents slip through our fingers.

MLB Injuries - Injuries are a higher possibility in the MLB than most other non-contact sports, so MLB Injuries are something to be watched for more than in many other non-contact sport. Whether it is a sprained ankle, a hurt wrist, or a torn rotator cuff, these injuries could make or break the team's chances at success. Especially with pitchers and big time batters, these injuries are something you will want to look for before you decide to do any MLB betting.

MLB Umpire Statistics - As with any event that relies on the honesty and professionalism of a referee, MLB Umpire Statistics are something you should look for. Some umpires have shown a propensity toward particular teams, and are thus somewhat biased in their calls. To prevent yourself from having to deal with this possibility, look into the MLB Umpire Stats before you make your wager as you may see something you like, or don't like for that matter.

MLB Game Previews

Before you set your wager, you may want to look into the MLB game previews. These previews cover the injuries, the weather, and everything else you might find here, though they are geared directly toward the particular game around which they are written. Previews will show you if your bet would be a wise choice, if an underdog is worth placing money on, or if this is a game that should even be skipped and never thought of again. With so much information at your fingertips, Betting on the MLB will be made that much easier.

MLB Game Recaps

The game has come and gone, but this by no means requires you to never hear of it again. Whether you were happy with the outcome or completely displeased, you will be able to look at our MLB recaps and see exactly what happens. In our recaps we will try to give you updated standings, statistics, and ATS information, all designed to help you out with your next bet, which could be the big one. All serious MLB betting enthusiasts will want to look into these recaps as much as they would any other piece of information, as every vital statistic is as important as the last.

MLB Weather Reports - Since most games are played outdoors, MLB weather reports are key. If you are going to a game, these weather reports are even more important. Otherwise, the weather will simply tell you if your bet is worth it as inclement atmospheric conditions can severely affect the game, and sometimes even cancel the event. While most of the best online sportsbooks are very helpful with returning money on canceled games, you will want to keep track of the weather to see if it is in your best interest to engage in MLB betting over that game.

MLB Transactions - Since there are so many players in the MLB, transactions are bound to be a significant portion of the league. The MLB transactions are also key when you are Betting on the MLB, as teams can significantly change by adding or subtracting certain players. Not all of the players on the field are equal, and these transactions can seriously hamper a team's ability to pull down the win - or your bet.

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