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Sports betting is, as some will say, one of the forms of gambling that carry a higher rate of success. Partially due to that fact that players are beginning to turn their eyes on sports betting. Unfortunately, many people are absolutely confused on how to start, particularly with Online Sportsbooks, and thus have not yet been able to get into sports betting. So we decided, at the request of some players, to create an online sportsbook beginners guide. We will provide you with the basics so you can start your sports betting career without making any wallet damaging blunders.

The first real step, after choosing one of the Online Sportsbooks, is making a deposit. You will need money to wager, and to get that money into the sportsbook you will have to look through the Sportsbook Deposit Methods and find one that suits you. Credit cards are always an option, but there are more diverse ways to load your account that you may want to look into, such as e-wallets. Bank accounts can be used to fund them directly, but there are steps you must take to do this. It is not difficult, but people who have never made a purchase over the Internet may be confused about how to accomplish this slight feat.

After depositing you will encounter something called the deposit bonus. If you are worried about understanding bonuses, don't worry our Beginners Guide For Online Sportsbooks covers that as well. Sportsbook Bonuses come in many forms, but the primary way in which a sportsbook will give you a bonus is through the initial deposit bonus. Initial deposit bonuses, sometimes called the IDB, are a bonus that is applied on your first (initial) deposit. They typically consist of a match percentage, a percentage of your deposit that the sportsbook will give, on top of your money, up to a set limit. This can be anywhere from 10 to 100% up to a number from fifty to thousands of dollars. Using this money you can place bets to your whim. This could allow you to potentially turn your deposit into significantly more, without even touching the cash portion.

If you don't know how to play certain betting lines, that should be your first priority - learning the different lines and Sportsbook Wager Types. Straight bets are fairly simple - you must guess the outcome. Over and Under bets are slightly different. Oddsmakers set lines on the total score for the game, between all competitors, and you must bet on whether or not the teams or players will score above or below that estimation. Proposition Betting is fun, as it take focus off of the game and places it on a task - who will score the first point, how a coin toss will end, and so on. Learning the betting lines is of key importance, as you must know how to make the bet if you are going to be placing wagers.

Best Online Sportsbooks For Beginners

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Bovada - Great For Beginning Bettors

Bovada is one of the largest online gambling sites, and they do feature a sportsbook. Bovada's sportsbook can be funded by a variety of methods, and their credit card deposits have a high rate of success. Bovada offers a 50% to $250 match bonus, allowing players to reach the skies with how much of a bonus they can utilize when depositing. Additionally, Bovada has a useful help desk that can help you along through the entire process.

Bovada Review Visit Bovada

5Dimes - USA Players Accepted

5Dimes has one of the easier sites on the web, so if you are prone to confusion you may want to utilize them before you look into another sportsbook. They also take more deposit methods than most of the other sites on the web. These include e-wallets, banking options like UseMyWallet and American Express, as well as VISA and MasterCard deposits. Their bonus grants a 25% match to $100 on the first deposit or a $20 free bet for depositing, whichever you prefer. 5Dimes offers lines on all the major sports, as well as individual sports.

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Sports Betting Sites For Beginners

Logo Sportsbook Reviews Bonus USA Players? Location Visit
Bovada Review 50% to $250 YES Antiqua VISIT
BetOnline Review 25% - $1K YES Panama VISIT
SportsBetting Review 25% - $1K YES Panama VISIT
5 Dimes Review 50% - $520 YES Costa Rica VISIT
BoDog Review 100% - $200 YES Antiqua VISIT