Sportsbook Wager Types - Sportsbook Wager Types

This is your information source for bettors curious about the different Sportsbook Wager Types available at online sportsbooks. Changing the wager type is great way to improve your chances, to win, or to make a lot of money, with only a little bit of cash, especially when using Parlays. Many of our MLB sportsbooks, and NBA Sportsbooks have these types of bets which help entice bettors. Change up the line, and get better odds on your wager with teasers. Bet on predictions. Place your bet on whether your team is going to win it all this year! Some wagers don't have anything to do with sports. A lot of them include results from award shows, and such. They even have bets for you stat honks, and fantasy sports bettors. Bet on matchups, between players, in the same game, or perhaps different ones, at our NFL Sportsbooks. Great way to find a good line on any sport!

Straight Bets - This is the most simple way to bet on games at Online Sportsbooks. Whether you want to bet the quarter, bet the half, or the entire game, a straight bet will usually pay players 90 to 95% of their bet. Straight bets can also be used to bet the money line, which may pay better or worse, depending on which team is favored. The money line is basically like betting win or lose, there is no line. The underdog usually pays better than 100%, and often times up to, 3 to 1. The over/under is also a straight bet. Bet on whether predicted points total, for the game, will be reached, or whether it won't.

Buying Points - One of the most used Sportsbook Betting Types, buying points is a great way to raise or lower the line, to help you get the bet that you want. If the line, in a football game, is at -3.5 and you think it is going to be a field goal game, it would be wise to buy a point, and move the line to -2.5  It does cost you some of your winnings, but it will pay better than the money line would. Most football sportsbooks, offer players the chance to buy points, when making wagers.

Entertainment and Political Prop Betting - This is a fun way to vote on the current issues of the day. Many USA online sportsbooks have sections which feature bets on current, important political events. Things really heat up during Presidential Election years! On the entertainment side, whenever the winner is in doubt, sportsbooks will host bets for winners of awards. From the Emmys to the Oscars, entertainment bettors are sure to have a blast with the speculation and the drama.

Fantasy Bets - For fantasy sports players, you can find places to bet in our USA Sportsbook Reviews. Say if, Larry Fitzgerald is playing against the Ravens' defense, Fantasy Sportsbooks will have an over/under on the amount of yards that Fitzgerald, will gain. They have tons of bets for stat junkies, including head to head matchups between Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Wide Receivers, etc. You can probably even find bets on the kicker! Also, if you want, bet NBA fantasy, like Kobe or Lebron's over/under for points on the night.

Future Bets - Bet your predictions on sports. Whether you think the Cubs are going to win the World Series, or the Jets will make the Super Bowl, future bets are the way to do it. It's like sending your buddy to Las Vegas, to put $100 on your favorite team to win the championship. You can also predict division, and conference winners, when making future bets. The good thing about Future Bets, is that almost every one of them pays better than 1 to 1. Sometimes they even get up to 1000 to 1.

If Bets - Very similar to betting a parlay, If Bets allow users to schedule their bets, sometimes depending on the outcome of the first game wagered. There are two types of If Bets, so be sure to get familiar with each one. Essentially it is like placing your winnings, from the first game, on the second game. If both win, then you've really multiplied your original wager. Good way to make money fast.

Parlays - Now these can get pretty crazy, but they are really fun. With a parlay, you can place a wager, sometimes on up to 14 teams, on the either the money line, the spread, the over/under, or combinations of all 3. You don't have to bet that many teams, but you can if you want. If just one of your bets doesn't come through, then the parlay is lost. On the other hand you can bet, whatever the house minimum is, say $1 to win like $8000. The odds do vary, especially on how many teams you select in the parlay.

Pleaser Bets - A way for Sportsbook Gambling bettors to give points away, to make better money on wins. In a football game, say that you think the favorite is going to win by more points, than they are giving away, you can bet on those points too! If the line is -2 and you think they're going to win by double digits, then you can place that bet and get much better odds. Pleasers are placed in combination of other bets, which you also feel as though the line is inaccurate. Also take points from the underdog too!

Prop Betting - Sports prop betting is a great way to bet on action related to sports, but is not actually tied to the game played itself. Many people prefer these Sports Betting Types. The Super Bowl probably has the most prop bets, of any sporting event, where you bet on the length of the Star Spangled Banner down to the time left on the clock when the Gatorade shower hits. Some of these bets can get really crazy, but they are also extremely fun. If you ever wanted to bet on the coin flip, sports prop betting is the way to do it.

Teasers - Give points to the favorite or the underdog, to make the line even more favorable, for your bet. When doing a teaser, you select two or more games, and decide whether you want a 6, 6.5, or 7 point teaser. Depending on which you select, decides the amount of points you want to give. The odds go down, when you select a teaser, so you need to wager on 4 to 5 games to get back to even money odds. A safe way to bet on sketchy games.

Sweetheart Teasers - Unlike Teasers, where you have to buy between 6 to 7 points, Sweetheart Teasers work by 10 and 13, depending on the sport bet on. They work in combination with other bets, just like a parlay. You bet on several teams, and increase the amount of points that you get from odds makers. These are a really safe bet, but if one pushes, or fails to come through, the entire bet is lost. You do have to generally bet on about 4 teams to get the odds up to, 1 to 1.

Live In Game Betting

If you have ever wanted to bet on a game during a commercial break or in themiddle of innings, now you can. Many online sportsbooks offer live in game sports betting that allows you to bet while a game is going on.

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