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hockeyThough not the most popular of professional sports, hockey's fan base, as well as NHL betting, have been increasing in popularity. The National Hockey League has been exploding in popularity over the years, what with the NHL's involvement in the Olympics, the drafting of Sydney Crosby, and his rivalry with Alexander Ovechkin. Though betting on the NHL works somewhat differently than some other sports, players have still turned to wagering on these games and events in great numbers over the past few years. With our list of information, we hope that you will be able to further increase your proficiency at betting on the NHL.

NHL Scores & Schedules

NHL Scores

The scoreboard is the one stop shop for all of your goal information. This scoreboard will not only give you a brief matchup rundown, but also the opening odds on the game, on the spread, and on the total score. During and after the matches these scoreboards will be updated, giving you all of the information in real time. The NHL scoreboard has all of the required information for wagering on the game.

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NHL Monthly Schedules

Every month you will see a great number of games. The NHL Monthly Schedules show you an entire months worth of hockey games. This will show you every game taking place for the month, broken down by the week. This is the best overview of the league's games that you will have. Furthermore, games that have already been played will have scores, as well as recaps. This is the single handed most powerful scheduling tool you can find when you are Betting on the NHL.

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NHL Team Schedules

The NHL Team Schedules are also available. These schedules will show you every game that is set to transpire for the team, both past and present. Past games will include recaps as well as final scores, and previous odds, so you will see how the team stood up against the odds. With this tool at your disposal, you will not miss a game, a wager line, or anything else involved in the betting on the NHL.

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NHL Betting Resources

NHL Matchups

Matchups are significant in any betting experience, and NHL Matchups are no different. These matchups compare the two teams, based entirely on their statistics. The outline will show you which team is better at what, thus giving you an overview of how they are expected to do against each other. No tool will directly compare two teams like this, as you will have number for number comparisons of each team's vital statistic.

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NHL Betting Trends

If you look at NHL betting trends, you will be able to further paint a picture into how the team is expected to go. These trends include a team's performances against the team they are set play in their next match up. Spread standings, the total score standings, as well as how many points were given or taken throughout the past few games are all listed in these trends. A comprehensive guide is given, which is all designed to make your betting experience more tenable.

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NHL Standings

The league's standings will be of vital importance if you plan on following the season into the playoffs. Whether you are a fan or simply looking to do some NHL Betting, you may want to follow the standings. These NHL standings will tie directly into the betting trends, further giving you a better view on how things will turn out for one or more teams. As with any wager in the NHL, you will have to be armed with as much knowledge as possible.

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NHL ATS Standings

Not only will you have standard standings, but you will also have the NHL ATS Standings. These ATS Standings will show you how a team has done with the spread. This is not a very traditional NHL statistic, and not commonly found through many other sites. If you plan on Betting on the NHL, you will have to keep this all in mind.

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NHL Statistics

NHL Offensive Statistics

If a team cannot put the puck into the net, then they are undoubtedly going to be a losing wager. Betting on the NHL requires you to have a strict understanding of the NHL offensive statistics. Each statistic is listed on this tool, giving you direct access to anything that is important in your wagering. Without these offensive stats you may not be able to successfully place wagers. Without these most important pieces of information, you may see harsh declines in the number of successful wagers you place.

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NHL Defensive Statistics

NHL Defensive stats are just as important. If a goaltender cannot stop the puck, then the other team will steamroll the players. This specific tool will show you how many goals are given per game, the shots against, as well as the penalty kill percentage. These stats can be arranged to taste, giving you the best in a particular field. Defense is vital in any hockey game, and betting on the NHL requires that you have firm grasp over this information in order to succeed in your wagers.

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NHL News, Game Previews & Recaps

nfl newsNHL News - NHL news will be written to cover every major event in the league. We will try to remain as comprehensive as possible with our NHL news and only let the minor stories slip by. If a major player is seriously injured, or even if a big name manages a hat trick, we will be behind it with at least a short story surrounding that particular event.

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NHL Injuries - Hockey is one of the most brutal sports, and as such NHL Injury Reports are never empty. These injuries could seriously affect the outcome of a game, especially if a Crosby, an Ovechkin, or a Ryan Miller is taken out of the game. Before placing any wager, you would be wise to check these injury reports. Each injured player, as well as how long they are expected to be out, is listed on a team by team basis.

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NHL Game Previews

If you are betting on the NHL but unfamiliar with a team or teams, then stick to the NHL previews. These previews cover how the teams have played in their recent games, the statistics surrounding those games, as well as the expectations for upcoming match ups. This essentially combines much of the important data into one easy to read stream of text, rather than dividing it up into fragments that you must sift to. There is no better way to learn about a future wager than through the NHL previews.

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NHL Game Recaps

After a game, we will be releasing NHL recaps. These recaps say how the teams performed for each wager - the money line, the puck line, the total score, and even the occasional prop bet. These recaps are kept short and sweet and will only show you the most important information surrounding NHL betting over the games from which they were drawn.

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NHL Transactions - Before the trade deadline of every season there are bound to be a large amount of trades and NHL transactions. These transactions can deeply affect a line up. For instance, if the Penguins were to trade Evgeni Malkin to the Washington Capitals, the combined pair of Ovechkin and Malkin could make the Capitals a more devastating team. Around the time of the trade deadline you will want to check this information, as it will give you the best possible insight to what is going to transpire in future games.

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Best NHL Online Sportsbooks


Bovada - 20% to $100 Match

Bovada is one of the leading online sportsbooks for NHL betting. They run every possible line on every game, as well as some proposition bets. Bovada follows the NHL season every year, supplying as much entertainment for bettors as possible. Bovada also gives a 20% to $100 match bonus, which is collected upon the first deposit. The Bovada name has been active in the world of gambling for over 15 years, and each year is an improvement over their excellence.

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Intertops - Tops For Betting NHL

Intertops also covers every possible NHL betting line. Intertops Sportsbook will give you puck lines, money lines, total bets, spread bets, and everything else you could think of. They have a 25% match bonus to $100 or a $20 free bet. Which way you go is yours to choose.If you plan on making any serious wagers, then stick to Intertops, as they are one of the most serious sportsbooks on the Internet. Additionally, Intertops is loaded with NHL lines on everything from the All-Star game to the Stanley Cup finals and everything in between. Trust in Intertops for all your NHL wagering needs.

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