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NHL Gambling has become increasingly popular for many people located in North America. They house some of the best teams and also have some excellent names from all over the world. From the great Wayne Gretzky to the newcomers like Alex Ovechkin, NHL Hockey has proven itself as one of the elite sports of the world. The sport also holds some great traditions like the hat toss after a player records a hat trick. NHL Hockey gambling is also a very rewarding activity that can be done very easily. Many online sportsbooks make this simple by offering easy deposit methods and user friendly websites.

NHL Hockey gambling can be done on every single game the NHL offers. They have tons of ways to do it while offering some great payouts if you hit. Some of the most common ways to wager are Spread bets, Moneylines, Parlays, Totals, Prop and Future Bets. Spread bets are very easy to identify and bet on.

The oddsmakers will make a line to even out many matches. They will give the underdog points and make the favorite have to win by a certain number in order to win the bet. The lines usually looks something like this: New Jersey Devils -1.5 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning Bolts +1.5. This line makes New Jersey the favorite and therefore would have to win by 2 points in order to win the bet. Spread bets can be very profitable but in order to become good with these bets, you will definitely need to research and figure out which key factors for consideration.

There are many features that come to mind when analyzing the teams for NHL Gambling. You have to look at overall records, key players and hot streaks. Victorious NHL Hockey Betting involves taking many of these factors into consideration when making your bets. Overall records are probably the most important stat to look at. This of course shows you how well a team is doing throughout the season.

When you do find a team’s record, make sure to check out the other teams they have played and how strong they are. Some teams may have better records than others but have simply not played the quality of teams either. For NHL Hockey betting, it helps to look at the great players on each team.

Some teams have superstars that can literally change the game while the average a couple of goals every time they play. These players will usually be factored in the NHL Hockey Gambling odds because of their ability to change a game right from the start. One last factor that is good to take into consideration is the hot streaks.

Many teams can play differently as the season goes and identifying this can make for profitable NHL Hockey betting at Online Sportsbooks. Injuries and depleted teams can plague some teams during the season. All it takes is for a player to come back to truly change the make up of a team. Overall you should keep many of these factors in mine when NHL Hockey gambling. This will definitely help you become profitable in the long run.

Best Sportsbooks For NHL Gambling

DSI Sportsbook

DSI covers all options when it comes to NHL gambling. Be it a straight bet or a parlay, DSI can help you make your way. Using their 10% (or 20%) deposit bonus, you can get up to $500 dollars in free play to fund your bets. They give a 3x (or 5x) rollover with this bonus. Through DSI you can use eWalletXpress, 900Pay, PICClub, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Personal Checks, Money Orders, international credit cards, and banking transfers. With all of these available Online Sportsbook Deposit Methods, DSI helps circumvent banks that block sports book deposits. They process payouts swiftly, as you will never have to wait more than a week or, in rare occasions, two, for your withdrawal.

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Sportsbooks for Wagering on NHL Games

Logo Sportsbook Reviews Bonus USA Players? Location Visit
Bovada Review 20% Match YES Antiqua VISIT
BoDog Review 100% - $200 YES Antiqua VISIT
SportsBetting Review 25% - $900 YES Panama VISIT
5 Dimes Review 50% - $200 YES Costa Rica VISIT
BetOnline Review 10 - 45% YES Panama VISIT
DSI Review 20% - $500 YES Costa Rica VISIT