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The National Hockey League can definitely be classified as one of the more intense sports out there. Body checks into the glass as well as open fist fights add some extreme excitement to every game during the season. Their have been some fantastic teams over the years that have defined the league like the Detroit Redwings and the New Jersey Devils. Every year is a new year for many teams, while others prepare to find the road to the Stanley Cup. Million of people across America as well as around the world find betting on NHL games to be very fun while making lots of money throughout the season. Tons of online sportsbooks offer different NHL lines all during the week. Many of these NHL lines include such bets as Spread, Totals, Moneylines, prop, and Future.

Probably the most common line you will run into is the NHL point spreads lines. These are very popular though out the online sportsbooks and are very popular among NHL bettors. The spread is simply a point edge given to handicap the favorite team. The favorite team will have a minus sign next to their name while the underdog will have a plus sign. Here is what a typical NHL spread line would look like: Washington Capitols (-1 ½) vs. San Jose Sharks (+1 ½). As you can see the Capitals are the favorite team while the Sharks are the underdog. If we took the Capitals on the spread, they would have to win by two points in order to cover the spread. If we took the Sharks, they could win or lose but by no more than 1 point. NHL spread bets usually payout -110 unless otherwise specified. Another type of the many NHL betting lines that should be discussed is the total bets. The oddsmakers will come up with a total NHL line that is supposed to reflect the combined final score. The sportsbooks will then let customers bet on the over or under for the total. Total bets can be very fun and profitable with a little research on how well teams are scoring. It helps to take a look at the offenses and defenses to come up with an estimated pick for the over or under.

Another type of popular NHL line you will see when betting on the NHL is the moneyline bet. Moneyline bets plain and simple enable one to pick a winner out of the game. Since you are just picking a winner and not covering the spread, the payout will not be as much for favorite picks. While if you were to pick the underdog, the payout would be more since you don’t have the point handicap.

Prop betting NHL lines have become more and more popular among the online sportsbooks. The prop lines are basically situations or actions that will be happening in the games. They will list such lines for games as “Team to score first?” or “Who will score first out of listed two players?” These bets are lots of fun and can mix things up from that standard bets most players are used to.

Future bets are similar to prop except they affect the whole season. The most popular line you will see is “Which team will win the Stanley Cup?” They let players choose any NHL team while they all will have different odds depending on how good they are.

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