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NHL wagering can be very exciting watching teams play hard and with passion. The sportsbooks offer many generous lines that make it very fun and easy to do. Many of the online sportsbooks allow the bettor to wager on all NHL games throughout the season while also giving many ways to bet. There is a huge American following for NHL while their have been many excellent teams throughout the years. One team that has set the bar for all NHL teams is the Detroit Red Wings. The Red Wings have won an NHL most 11 Stanley Cup Championships throughout their legendary franchise history. Smart NHL Hockey betting involves examining the lines and figuring out which bet is the absolute best for that game.

Many of the online sportsbooks offer great ways to begin NHL Hockey betting. They have lines like Spread Bets, Moneylines, Totals, Parlays, Prop and Future bets. To find some excellent sportsbooks for NHL Hockey, you should refer to PressMyBet’s NHL Hockey Sportbooks review section. We have found only the best sportsbooks for all of our loyal customers. When looking at spread bets, majority of the games will have a clear favorite and an underdog.

The favorite will be usually be marked with a -1.5 to -0.5 spread line while the underdog will have +1.5 to +0.5 line variation. The more evenly matched teams will often times have closer spreads than the uneven games. NHL Hockey betting also has a form called Moneylines bets which are essentially much easier than spread bets.

For Moneyline bets, all you have to do is simply pick a winner. Though many of the payouts set on Moneylines bets are not as high because they are easier to pick.

Spread betting offers better payouts than the Moneylines because your team has to win by the posted score. Totals are also another great way to begin NHL Hockey betting.

Totals are usually posted well before the game and is a number that reflects how many total points their will be during the whole game. The number is usually around 5 ½ and requires you to know if it will be Over or Under. The sportsbooks offers different payouts for each pick depending on how well a team scores throughout the season. Another way of NHL Hockey betting that should be discussed is the all mighty Parlay.

A Parlay bet involves picking one of the three betting options just explained and essentially making it into one large bet. The advantage of doing this allows for a huge payout while only risking a minimal amount of money. Many of the sportsbooks allow for Parlays as small as 2 or as big as 12. Just remember that if one of your bets doesn’t hit, you will lose the entire Parlay. One of the fan favorite ways for NHL Hockey betting is the Prop bets.

Props bets are offered before the game and give bettors lines on such topics as how well a player will do during a game. They give the ability to bet on goals and saves as well as many other actions throughout the game. Future bets are also really popular when NHL Hockey betting. These are mostly bets that involve championship games at the end of the season. They have such topics as which team will win the Stanley cup. Keep in mind that the payout odds will change as the season goes and teams begin to show their record. Overall the sportsbooks make it a fantastic time to get started and begin betting on some sweet NHL hockey action.

Best NHL Sportsbooks :

Bovada - 50% to $250 Bonus

Bovada has made a name for itself as one of the best American sportsbooks online today. They have hundreds of daily lines for just about every sport you can imagine and offer unique bets to keep things interesting. NHL Hockey is no exception either. Bovada offers you standard Straight Bets, Parlays, and If Bets. They also have prop and future bets for many of the teams and players. You can bet on everything from what team will score the most goals to head to head matchups between top scorers. Their future bets include similar ones from Wagerweb and Playersonly like which team will win Eastern/Western Conference as well as which team will win the Stanley Cup. From your casual fans to die-hard believers, Bovada has it all for NHL betting. Bovada offers easy deposit methods and has very helpful customer service for all its members. They offer a sweet sign up bonus of 10% on your first deposit.

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Sportsbooks For NHL Wagering

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Bovada Review 20% Match YES Antiqua VISIT
BoDog Review 100% - $200 YES Antiqua VISIT
SportsBetting Review 25% - $900 YES Panama VISIT
5 Dimes Review 50% - $200 YES Costa Rica VISIT
BetOnline Review 10 - 45% YES Panama VISIT

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