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Gambling on NBA Basketball has been around every since the first NBA game and now there is some NBA sportsbooks to help you gamble on the NBA. People have literally found all sorts of topics to bet on like how many assists a player will make to how many points a team will win by. The online sportsbooks now in days make this much easier and offer simple ways to get started. They have tons of lines while offering little juice on many of their bets. There are literally millions of Americans that love betting on the NBA everyday.

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Bovada - USA Accepted

Next time you are looking to some Gambling on NBA make sure to check out all of the great lines over at Bovada. Bovada give NBA fans an awesome user friendly online sportsbook to use with a wide selection of sports for you to bet on. Whether you are wagering on the NBA, NFL, MLB, Nascar, or even Tennis, Bovada has all of your favorite wagers for you to bet on. With an awesome 50% initial deposit bonus good to $250, Bovada makes wagering with them a great idea. You also will have numerous convenient deposit and cash out options available for you to choose from. With so many great features it easy to see why Bovada has gained a reputation as being one of the best sportsbooks today. Next time you are looking to do some Gambling on NBA check out all of the great deals over at Bovada.

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5 Dimes Sportsbook - 50% Bonus

Whenever you are looking to do some NBA Gambling look no further than 5 Dimes. They have gained a reputation as one of the best sportsbooks around today. At 5 Dimes they have a wide selection of betting options for you to choose from. For all of your NBA Gambling needs they have you covered with various bets such as straight bets, parlays, and teasers just to name a few. You can wager on first half lines, quarter lines, and even place fun prop bets. 5 Dimes also allows you to wager on all sorts of other sports making sure that you can find whatever wager you are looking for. They also give you a 50% initial deposit bonus and a 10% reload bonus capped at $200. No matter what type of wager you are looking for, let 5 Dimes show you why they are one of the leaders in online sportsbooks today.

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Best NBA Gambling Sportsbooks

Logo Sportsbook Reviews Bonus USA Players? Location Visit
BetOnline Review 25% - $900 YES Panama VISIT
Bovada Review 50% - $250 YES Antiqua VISIT
5 Dimes Review 50% - $200 YES Costa Rica VISIT
Intertops Review 25% - $100 NO Antigua VISIT
DSI Review 20% - $500 YES Costa Rica VISIT

Learn More About NBA Basketball Gambling

There are lots of ways to get started with NBA Basketball gambling, but in order to be successful you need to have a great preparation. This involves looking at many aspects of the game that might affect the outcome. Check out the team’s records, conference, star players, streaks, and home court advantage. Doing a little research on these aspects can help you pick out which of the NBA lines you want to bet on.

When looking at a record you have to factor in many aspects. The first question you want to ask yourself is who have they played and did they cover NBA point spreads in them games? Check out their opponents winning percentage and base your bets off that. Once the season is halfway done, majority of NBA teams have all played each other while you can get a good idea of who is elite and who is not. A team’s record is probably the most important stat one can look at when making their bets. Next factor you should look at when gambling on the NBA is the conferences.

The East and the West conferences both have excellent teams but both the conferences as a whole are not created equal. Many of the West teams tend to be much better than the East teams. This does not apply to the top teams in each conference but rather everyone else fighting for a playoff spot. NBA Basketball gambling involves taking a look at a team’s top player to figure out how well they will play in the game.

This is great for many prop bets that simply propose the question of how well a player will do in a given game. Every team in the NBA has at least one star player and to know when he will break out can be very profitable. The last aspect you should consider when gambling on NBA games is hot streaks.

The NBA especially is all about streaks and run while players get hot and others get cold and the NBA odds usually catch this. The NBA talent level is very even which makes streaks very important. Even the top NBA teams go through slumps while bottom teams go on win streaks. Just take a look at the Houston Rockets astounding 22-game win streak last year. They didn’t even have their best player Yao Ming. Any team that has five wins in a row should definitely be considered for betting on because of the good chance that they will win their next game.

One last factor should be taken looked at when betting on the NBA and that is home court advantage.Home court advantage has proven itself as one of the biggest reasons teams win. It was very apparent 2008 playoffs where home teams won 90%. Something about playing in front of the home crowd got the teams pumped while the shots continued to fall. Overall NBA Basketball gambling can very beneficial if done correctly with a little research. Remember to enjoy the game and always have fun.