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Every fall, fans of all colleges will watch and bet on NCAA football. There are over 100 teams while thousands of collegiate players throughout the country. Many of these players play with tons of heart and truly love the game of football. NCAA football gambling is also extremely popular and done throughout the fall football season. Every NCAA team can be wagered on while tons of sportsbooks offer great lines.

NCAA Football gambling does require some preparation in order to make the smartest bet possible. The sportsbooks offer many bets while you should definitely be familiar with the basics. A typical bet you would find for NCAA Football gambling is the Spread Bet. A spread is made by the NCAA football odds makers to give an advantage to underdogs in a bet. A typical spread line will look like this: Clemson University -14 vs. University of Maryland +14. If you were to take Clemson in this bet they would have to win by 14 points. If you decided to pick Maryland, they could win or lose by no more than 14.

The Moneyline bet simply involves picking a winner between the two teams. Spread bets offer better odds than moneylines because of the NCAA Football point spreads difference of the two teams. The last type of bet I’d like to explain is the Total. For these bets you can call the over or under for the set total.  In order to make College Football Gambling profitable, you have to take in consideration many factors. These can be many things like records, conferences, key players, home field advantage and current level of play.

To begin researching on certain teams, you should first take a look at the record. This is probably the most important stat because college football relies heavily on nearly perfect records. The conference would also be the next best factor because not every conference is created equal. The SEC is considered by most to be a far superior conference than the Big East because they have the most teams in the top 25. Key players make NCAA Football gambling very exciting because of the explosiveness they show at throughout the game. The talent level difference definitely is a factor while one player can take over a game and dominate. When you are participating in NCAA Football wagering, it can be real helpful to find the playmakers use them in your bets.

Home field advantage can be huge when Gambling on NCAA Football . Playing at home for many teams has been proven to help them out. The cheering fans really fuel the home players and give them the confidence to take down all comers. University of Miami proved teams could win on the home field consistently when they won 58 straight victories at home. Lastly, a factor to consider is a team’s current level of play. Many teams get hot and begin to gel through the season. These teams play at a peak performance while they continue to win week after week. All these factors are good to keep in mind when looking for the best bets.

Best Sportsbooks To Gamble On NCAA Football

bodog ncaa football gambling

Bovada - USA Accepted

Bovada can also provide you with all of the lines on NCAA Football gambling needs. All players, upon signing up, receive a 20% to $100 match bonus. This bonus can be used on any of their lines, providing players with a "try before you by" with their sportsbook. The rollover for this bonus is 1x, which is the lowest in the industry. Bovada also have a casino and poker room, so if you need something to do while waiting for your game, you can use your deposit through those ventures as well. Their odds are always spot on and can be compared to that of a Las Vegas Casino. Rarely will you see a better online gambling site than Bovada.

Bovada Review Visit Bovada

dsi ncaa football gambling

DSI Sportsbook - USA Accepted

For all of your NCAA football gambling needs, check out DSI. They run lines on most, if not all, of the NCAA football games throughout the season. They take props, futures, straights, and all of the others. By using DSI you are entitled to a bonus up to $500 dollars on your initial deposit. You can chose a 10% match or, alternatively, a 20% match. If you choose the 10% match, you get a 3x rollover. If you choose the 20% match, you receive a 5x rollver. They finalize payouts quickly, sending out winnings with the utmost urgency. They take credit cards, e-wallets, and bank options as deposit methods.

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Sites to Place Bets on College Football Games

Logo Sportsbook Reviews Bonus USA Players? Location Visit
Bovada Review 20% Match YES Antiqua VISIT
SportsBetting Review 25% - $900 YES Panama VISIT
5 Dimes Review 50% - $200 YES Costa Rica VISIT
BoDog Review 100% - $200 YES Antiqua VISIT
BetOnline Review 10 - 45% YES Panama VISIT
DSI Review 20% - $500 YES Costa Rica VISIT