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College football stadiums all around the country provide one of the largest stages for collegiate athletes to showcase their skills. Many fans and alumni find themselves glued to these games every Saturday during the fall. NCAA football has proven itself as one of the most exciting college sports. There have been so many great players over the years like Hershel Walker and Reggie Bush that make the game so much fun to watch. Many Americans also get tons of enjoyment wagering money on these games. The online sportsbooks make it very easy to find your favorite games around the nation and lay down some cash on them on NCAA football lines. They also offer lots of college football lines including the spread, moneyline, total, and future bets.

College football spread lines are probably the most popular way to bet on the game. This involves adjusting the game to give the underdog points while having the favorite win by some points. A standard spread bet would look like this: California (+10) vs. Washington (-10). If we bet on the favorite Washington, they would have to win by 10 points, while if we picked California, they could win or lose but by no more than 10. Spread bets are a very common NCAA football betting lines and can be profitible tho those who do betting on NCAA football with some preparation. The next types of lines you will run into are moneylines.

Moneylines bets, plain and simple involve picking a winner out of the game. Majority of the time moneylines picks are the favorite team. This is because a bettor may think the favorite will win, just not by the whole spread. Remember that picking the favorite on a moneyline bet will not get as large of a payout as a spread would. On the other hand if we decided that the underdog will win outright and took the moneyline we would get paid more since we don’t have the point cushion.

Another type of popular NCAA football lines are the total bets. The total is merely the estimated total score of the game. Many online sportsbook will let people who do wagering on NCAA football choose the over or under for the total. The total factors in both teams offenses and defenses for the game. Two high powered offenses going at will have a total of around 60 while the total would be much lower if two strong defenses went head to head. One more type of popular college football line is the future bet.

Future lines will be posted well before the season starts. They have all sorts of great ways to bet on your favorite teams. Many future bets consist of lines that will reflect the following season. Some typical future college football lines you may see are: “Which team will win the NCAA National Championship?” or “Which team will win the Pac-10 Conference next season?” All teams available for picks will have great odds because the season is not underway and therefore no one really knows how well teams will do.

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