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College football reigns supreme as the most popular NCAA sport today. Millions of people travel every Saturday to their favorite stadium or just have parties and watch the game from home. Tons of the people wager some serious cash every Saturday on many college football games during the season. The heart and hustle in the college players really bring excitement to all viewers alike. Finding a game to wager on is no problem because of the plethora of games and teams many of the online sportsbooks offer.

In order to successfully participate in betting on NCAA football, you need to understand how NCAA football point spreads work. Point spreads are one of the most common types of bets for all sports. They seem a little confusing at first, but are easily understandable. In no time you can be making some serious cash from NCAA football point spread bets.

When you are shopping around for football lines, you will definitely run across some spread lines. A common college football point spreads line will look like this: Alabama (-14) vs. Auburn (+14). At this match up, Alabama is the favorite team while Auburn in the underdog. The favorite will always have a minus sign while the underdog will have a plus sign.

These numbers next to the teams signify the spread. If we decided to do some wagering on NCAA football on Alabama at -14, they would have to win by 14 points in order for the bet to hit. If we wanted to take Auburn at +14, Auburn could win or lose but by no more than 14 points. This is essentially the spread. It gives a 14 points cushion to the underdog Auburn while making the favorite Alabama win by 14. The spread is designed to make games a little more difficult to bet on than the moneyline.

Keep in mind that many NCAA football spread lines come out at the beginning of the week. Many things can happen during the week like media exposure and public sway towards one team. That is why the lines are definitely subject to change. You can often look at line on Monday, only to check back on Friday to find the lines have been slightly adjusted. Other factors like injuries, streaks, and home field can also have an impact on the spread lines.

There is definitely some strategy that goes into college football point spread bets. Many times the spread can be very high and look quite crazy for the underdog. A high spread would look like this: Texas Tech (-28) vs. Baylor (+28). These spreads are tough because of the huge point differential. You have to ask yourself, can Texas Tech really beat a team by 28 points? One factor we should look at for sure is home field advantage. This can play a huge role on the spread and more often than not, home teams will win. NCAA football point spread bets can be used in parlays as well. That way you can make one large bet with many games.

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