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There might not be a more highly debated about sport than that of college football. The rankings all season long, combined with which teams deserve to get to the national championship are widely discussed and raged over each season. At the same time, betting on college football is highly popular, as weekly matchup odds, conference lines, and national championship betting odds are formed every season. College Football is every bit as popular as the NFL when it comes to betting, and oddsmakers and online sportsbooks make sure that they have plenty of them for their players.

But, going in and betting blind is definitely not the way to wager on college football. In fact, it's the opposite of what you should, that is, if you are actually trying to win your bet. A good bettor, is an informed bettor, and there are steps that you can take to make an informed betting decision. Obviously no bet is 100 percent guarantee, but you do yourself no favors when wagering if you do not do your homework. Here on this page, we want to give you a little bit of advice and perhaps things to look for when you're selecting a bet.

Use These Tips To Make Smarter Bets On College Football

Like our other betting tips, these tips for wagering on College Football are very simple yet effective for bettors, especially the ones that do not have much experience. These tips encompass a variety of topics which you may or may not have been aware of plus it details how to use different tools for College Football betting that you may not have ever used. Take a few minutes to look at these tips and if you see something that interests you, then follow the links in the content to see related material.

Not All Lines Are Created Equal

If you see a game that you are wanting to bet, whether it be the point spread, money line, or over.under total, take a step back. That's because there might be a better game line for that specific match up at another reputable sportsbook. So you will want to check out the different betting odds offered and see if there is a better one you can get. Betting on an underdog getting 6 points is a lot better than getting five points or 4.5 points. It's not often that these lines can be apart, but it does happen.

Find Patterns By Using Betting Trends

For every matchup in college football, oddsmakers and online sportsbooks, or other sports betting sites will form a variety of betting trends. These betting trends for college football matchups will focus on the individual teams, but also matchup history and head to head history is applicable. These are great indicators on what could happen and where you might want to place your bet. History is a great tool to use when betting, but again, it's not the end all. Still, knowing the hot and cold trends for a particular matchup will put you a step ahead of the game when it comes to making an educated bet.

College Football Injury Reports

The starting running back is out, the linebacker that has been wreaking havoc is doubtful. All of these can have a significant effect on the outcome of a football game. Oddsmakers stay on top of this when they form a line, so why shouldn't you. You know that they will do their research, so paying attention to College Football injuries each week will be very important to make an informed betting decision for college football. Check these injury reports, and check them every time before you make a bet because you need to know if a team is missing it's All-American lineman, etc... And, sometimes it's better to wait and see versus jumping on the lines as soon as they're posted.

Don't Overlook The Game Conditions

Weather can have a huge impact on the outcome of a game. Wind can create havoc in the passing game as can extreme cold. Rainy conditions often hamper offense but it can also go both ways. The point is that you need to be aware of what kind of conditions the games you are thinking about wagering on are going to be played in. Ideally, you would like perfect conditions but that just doesn't happen all the time. Consulting weather reports for college football cities will help you avoid laying your chunk on a team that is playing in a blizzard or conversely help you bet against teams that don't play well in adverse weather conditions.

You Don't Always Have To Bet Your Favorite Teams

Allegiance is probably never as strong as it is in college football. Sure, you might have your favorite NFL team. But you spent four years, or grew up right near a college program that you bleed for! But when it comes to betting, take a step back and ask yourself if it's the smartest thing to do to bet on your team all the time. The answer is that it's probably not. Sure, it might be fun to spice up the matchup, but you want to make a smart wager, and a clouded mind isn't the best thing for that. If you do bet on your team, make sure it's for the right reason. Do your homework, and then make the bet.

The Right Sportsbooks For Betting On College Football Games

Bovada - Futures Updated Daily

Bovada Sportsbook is one of the leaders when it comes to online sports betting, which includes college football. Bovada has a full and comprehensive college football betting section, complete with updated weekly matchup odds, team props, player props, and odds to win the National Championship. Bovada offers a 50 percent bonus up to $250 for first time deposits that has a very low rollover. They accept players from the United States, so get in on college football betting with one of the most trusted online sportsbooks around.

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BetOnline - Great For Bowl Odds

BetOnline Sportsbook has a ton of college football betting lines to get in on. Combine that with arguably the best bonus around, 25 percent up to $900 on every deposit, and players with BetOnline seem to be quite happy with their decision. Their bonus is good for every deposit, not just the first so literally there is no limit to how much this bonus can give you. Get in on the weekly college football betting odds that are formed, or wager on the BCS championship futures at BetOnline as they always have the freshest lines available.

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