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Bitcoin is a new concept that is being brought to the forefront of online sportsbooks as a means to make a deposit into a player's account. The idea behind Bitcoin is the ability to make a payment instantly to any person or business at any point, anywhere in the world. The business model chooses to branch away from traditional 'central authorities' and rather relies on a notion known as 'crypto-currency' for the secure transfer of payments to different parties.

With online bookmakers continuing to look for new ways and advancements for depositing and paying out their players for faster and more convenient transactions, Bitcoin could very well be the newest hit thing to come to the industry.

Can USA Players Use Bitcoin At Online Sportsbooks?

The future of USA players and Bitcoin has yet to be determined as of now. Since this is still relatively new, Bitcoin and online sportsbooks for USA players have not developed a relationship. That is not to say however that players in the United States will never be able to deposit into their account using Bitcoin as their preferred method to depositing.

Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks

There is not yet an online sportsbook that implores Bitcoin as a method to deposit, yet. However, judging by the information that is available for Bitcoin, we expect that this will become a deposit method at many online sportsbook soon. When that does happen, we will get a list together of all the online sportsbook that jump on board for this new and exciting way to transfer money to and from your sportsbook account.

For now though, we're just going to go over some sportsbooks that are likely to take Bitcoin deposits once the deposit method catches fire. Please note that since we're not sure about Bitcoin's status with U.S. sports betting deposits we've gone ahead and listed bookmakers that allow as well as those that forbid USA residents from betting there.

Sportsbooks That Could Potentially Accept Bitcoin

Logo Sportsbook Reviews Bonus USA Players? Location Visit
Bovada Review 20% Match YES Antiqua VISIT
BetOnline Review 10 - 45% YES Panama VISIT
5 Dimes Review 50% - $520 YES Costa Rica VISIT
SportsBetting Review 50% - $1,000 YES Panama VISIT

How To Sign Up For A Bitcoin Account

To get started with a Bitcoin account, it will begin with what they refer to as 'Getting a Wallet'. This is where the player downloads the Bitcoin software to start and create their account. Your wallet is essentially your transaction history. There are also a couple of ways for you to get a wallet without having to download anything. Visit Coinbase, InstaWallet, or MyWallet to create one. However, Bitcoin stresses that you put your wallet in the hands of that site to keep it safe without the download.

The second step after you have a Bitcoin wallet is to then get Bitcoins. There are a number of ways to do that. visiting the site, or are two ways to see if there are local ones in your area. Bitcoin also has other ways you can acquire them, such as buying them with a credit card.

The next step we can only predict, because online sportsbooks do not yet accept this method. But we assume that when they do, the online sportsbook will have a way in which players will be able to deposit into an account using a Bitcoin converter into real cash.

Bitcoin Fees

Since online sportsbooks have yet to establish a precedent for utilizing Bitcoin as an option, we cannot confirm the fees that would be associated with the method. However, once online sportsbooks do begin accepting Bitcoin, we will be able to find out what those fees are, if any. From the sound of it, there are likely to be no fees involved though as this system works based on peer-to-peer transfers instead of with a intermediary as other methods do.

Positive Features of Bitcoin Sportsbook Deposits

Bitcoin appears like it could be a very safe, easy, and conveinent way to deposit into a sportsbook in the future, but once more information becomes available, we will have all of the best features listed here. For now though, we can only speculate how bookmakers will handle Bit Coin deposits so we'll just approach that hurdle once we have all the facts.