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PGA gambling has been around for as long as the sport has. All the great players have been gambled on like Greg “The Shark” Norman, Byron Nelson, and new favorite Tiger Woods. Many people have made huge wagers on such prestigious tournaments like The Masters and The British Open. Their have been huge comebacks in these tournaments as well as massive crumbles. Their have also been a handful of hole in ones, dozens of Eagles, and hundreds of Birdies. Golf can be one of the most thrilling sports to watch with new amateurs emerging all the time and pros dominating the courses. It is truly a beautiful game that keeps gaining popularity every year.

PGA golf gambling has been on the rise with many online sportsbooks offers all sorts of lines to bet on. Since Golf is a year round sport, it makes it even easier to bet all the time. You could literally bet on your favorite golfer for every tournament they participate in. There are also different tournaments going on every single week. In order to become an efficient bettor on the PGA, one has to do a little bit of research.

When you are gambling on the PGA, you have to keep many factors in mind. Golf tournaments have a huge field where literally anyone can win, but most of the time their will be consistent winners week in and week out. These are the great players. They prove it on the course and the results show. You will need to research how well a certain players have been doing. One stat that sticks out the most when looking at players is how many GIR they average per round.

When you are on the green in regulation, you have the chance to make a par with two putts. For example on a Par 5, hitting the green in regulation means that you would be on in three strokes while having two putts for par. Hitting greens in regulation is a very good stat one should follow win picking a golfer to bet on. Another good stat to look is at is putting percentage.

Smart gambling on PGA golf involves looking at numbers like these to make the most accurate picks. Putting percentage is simply the number of putts you take for every hole. In golf two putts per green is usually an outstanding number. If you are on the green in regulation and you two putt every hole, you will score an even 0 for the whole round. The bettor players tend to have fantastic putting percentages though. For example Tiger Woods putting percentage was 1.7 which you can see is under 2. This means Tiger will more often than not make Birdies during his round.

One last stat to look at when gambling on the PGA, is the Fairways in Regulation. This literally measures players driving accuracy throughout their rounds. The more fairways they hit in regulation, the better drivers they are. Overall this stat is not as important as the first two because of many players ability to save their second shot from bad lies. But overall it is one to look at when making your research for your picks. All in all PGA gambling can be very rewarding if done right by paying attention to the fine details. Of course you will need a little luck as your player will have to have a great round to win. PGA gambling makes it more fun to watch but is a little riskier then betting on sports other then golf.

Best Sportsbooks For Gambling On The PGA

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