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View NBA standings for all divisions within the NBA. Find out which team is in first, and how they've fared at home as well as on the road. Get breakdowns of how teams have done within their conference in addition to how they've done against their division. Our NBA straight up standings also lists winning percentages and more. For everything related to Standings in the NBA, we've got you covered.

This page was created to help you the bettor. So the question is how can these NBA standings help you when it comes to making a wager? The answer is pretty simple. Knowing the good teams from the bad teams can help quite a bit. Now obviously oddsmakers have created the point spread to counteract this and level the playing field.

However, just like there are straight up records and records against the spread, there are also betting lines for point spreads, and on the moneyline. Straight up wins and losses directly relate to how a team has performed on the moneyline. Obviously the teams that are favorites on the moneyline will receive less of a payout, but information like NBA standings can certainly help you figure out the teams that are playing well versus the teams that are struggling. A breakdown in total record, compared to home and away records can be critical pieces of information to use as a bettor. In addition to that, the records against their conference and outside of the conference can be just as important.

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