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Many new folks to betting have heard the term “Fantasy” before and probably wondered what exactly it had to do with sports. Fantasy Leagues in general, has to do with the picking of players and making a “fantasy” roster while your players, depending on how well they do, score points for your team. There are many other Fantasy games you can play such as pick’em, which has you pick a winner every week. They also have Fantasy in just about every sport imaginable now including fishing. But in the end, Fantasy Football is one of the largest forms of Fantasy Betting every football season.

Millions of Americans find themselves picking up free agents, trading superstars, and winning some sweet cash, in Sportsbook Gambling, if they do well in the season. Let me explain how a typical Fantasy Football season goes. Usually you have a draft party for all the participants. This involves people picking up players around the NFL, just like a real draft. Except in fantasy you only pick up a certain amount of players, far less than 53 players on a real NFL roster. Let me note that some leagues allow for lots of defensive players as well as other special players to make a roster, though this is not very common for most fantasy leagues.

Most fantasy leagues have you pick up your main offensive weapons and a defense/special teams as a whole. You get a few Quarterbacks, a couple of Runningbacks, a couple of Wide Recievers/Tight Ends, a few kickers, and a few types of defenses. A typical Fantasy starting roster will have one Quarterback, two Runningbacks, three Wide Recievers/Tight Ends, one Defense/Special Teams, and one Kicker. The reason you draft a few guys in every positions is because of the bye weeks and the ability to rotate players in and out of your starting roster. Another reason you have multiple players is because some players tend to have better games when they are playing weaker defenses. This really all falls down in the unique strategies of Fantasy Fooball.

Where Fantasy Betting, relates to online sports betting, is when Online Sportsbooks, take bets on the fantasy statistics, a player accumlates during a game. They generally set the over/under on yards, TDs, and other stats, which players then wager whether the player will have more or less than what is predicted. Fantasy Bets usually pay around 1 to 1.

Your team essentially scores when your players have a good game. Yards, Touchdowns, and Field Goals are rewarded by points. So at the end of each game your players will all have some points and combined as a team, all of those equal your final score. Let me also note that defense can score by causing fumbles and making interceptions. Same goes for special teams if they score.

Typically, Betting on Fantasy Football is very easy. Most leagues have you give a straight bet the beginning of the season, while top players get paid out. It is really adds a whole new aspect to watching football because you are now rooting for these players on your team, who are all over the NFL. This is also how a basketball and baseball fantasy leagues work, except you have to rotate your players much more often because of the plethora of games.

In Fantasy Basketball, points, rebounds, assists, and steals all factors in to give your team points. In Baseball, hits, RBI’s, Home Runs, and many others factor to give your team points. There are many other forms of Online Fantasy Betting as well. Some games they have are Fantasy Picks where all you do is pick a winner of each game every week. Some have you cover the spread, while others don’t. All these I listed are the most common types Fantasy games, while every year more are created. So at the beginning of each season, check around your favorite Offshore Sportsbooks or get some friends together for some sweet Fantasy action.

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