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mlb run linesMajor League Baseball or the MLB has been made popular by many great names and historic teams over the past 100 years. From Jackie Robinson to Ken Griffey Jr or the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays, these names and teams will forever live in the fame. Wagering on MLB Baseball has been going on since the beginning of the sport. Many folks used to bet on sportsbooks in Vegas. That is no longer though with the internet and online sportsbooks offering MLB run lines.

Best MLB Run Line Betting Sportsbooks :

Bovada - USA Accepted

For some outstanding MLB Run Lines, definitely take a look at Bovada.  This sportsbook has Run Lines for every single MLB game in the season. They have some of the fastest sportsbook payouts and while their book makes finding the bets a walk in the park. One reason Bovada ranks so high, is their nice sign up bonuses they give to all new customers. For all new depositors, they will hit up with a 50% bonus up with a generous $250 limit.

They offer many easy ways to deposit including VISA and Mastercard credit cards, MyPaylinQ, and lots of other ways. Check out our sportsbook reviews for more information on Bovada or any other sportsbooks for MLB run lines.

Bovada ReviewVisit Bovada

Sportsbooks for MLB Run Line Betting

Logo Sportsbook Reviews Bonus USA Players? Location Visit
Bovada Review 50% to $250 YES Antiqua VISIT
BetOnline Review 25% - $1K YES Panama VISIT
SportsBetting Review 25% - $1K YES Panama VISIT
5 Dimes Review 50% - $200 YES Costa Rica VISIT
BoDog Review 100% - $200 YES Antigua VISIT

More About Betting MLB Run-Lines

These MLB sportsbooks offer lots of lines from all different sports in America. They also offer the ability to bet on MLB sports including all of the games throughout the season. They have many ways to bet including the Run Line bets. These bets are essentially spread bets, as the oddsmakers come up with a certain amount of runs. These runs are added to the underdog’s lines in order to even them out with the favorites and are available at all MLB betting sites..

Not every sportsbook offers MLB Run Line bets, but the ones that do pay out very well. A typical Run Line bet will look like this:  Boston Red Sox (-1.5) vs. Kansas City Royals (+1.5). This Run Line means that if you were to take the Red Sox at a MLB gambling site, they would have to win by 2 runs. If you decided to bet on the Royals, they could win or lose but not by more than 2 runs. You will not usually see any Run Lines higher than 1.5 spread. Run lines can very profitable with a little background information on both teams.

First factor you need to look at when wagering on MLB is who is pitching. This mostly needs to be applied to the underdog because you want to hold down the runs for the favorite. If find an outstanding pitcher for the underdog it may be a good idea to bet on them. This is because these great pitchers can hold teams to a minimal amount of runs. There are also a few other factors you should look at when wagering on MLB Run Lines.

I would definitely suggest taking a look at the offenses for both teams when looking at MLB handicapping. If the favorite team has a high hitting offense, this may be a red flag to your bet. Obviously a high hitting offense will be able to hit more balls than an average offense, so remember to keep this in mind when choosing your MLB run lines. If you factor both of these statistics into you bets you will find yourself on the winning end more times than the losing end.