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NCAA basketball has become one of American college’s premiere sports because of the influence of NCAA Basketball Sportsbooks and gambling. Many teams across the country have a rich basketball traditions while die hard fans follow the teams like it is their job. Teams like Duke, North Carolina, Gonzaga, and Texas show up at the tournament year after year. They constantly have the best recruits and dominate many schools in their conferences. There are also some great conferences that consistently send the most teams to the tournament every year. The ACC and the Big East have some of the best schools. This makes conference play extremely tough. Millions of Americans find themselves tuning in week after week. While millions more find themselves in love with NCAA Basketball Sportsbooks.

In order to fully enjoy NCAA Basketball Betting, you have to find the perfect sportsbook. You should definitely refer to SportsbookGurus' NCAA Sportsbook Review section to find some of the best online sportsbooks. These sportsbooks offer tons of ways to bet on your favorite teams and allow many different ways to do it.

This first kind of bet they offer is on NCAA Basketball Points Spreads. The Spread is simply the number set by the odds makers of how much a team should win by. For example, we find the Alabama and Auburn game where Alabama is a favorite by 5. The line would look like this Alabama -5 vs. Auburn +5. This means if we picked Alabama, they would have to win by 5. If we picked Auburn, they could win or lose but not by anymore than 5.

NCAA Basketball Gambling has many other options like Moneyline and Totals. For the Moneyline, you merely pick the winner. Of course picking the favorites will result in less payout if they win, while the underdog will result in a larger payout. Moneylines are great to parlay because you have a better chance of hitting. Parlaying Moneylines will also give a much larger payout at College Basketball Sportsbooks.

Over/Under betting on the total is very easy. The NCAA Basketball Odds makers will pick a number that they think will be the total combined score. All you have to do is pick the Over or Under for which you think the final score will be. If the final score is the exact number, there is no action and your wager is returned. Many sportsbooks also offer prop and future lines for optimal NCAA basketball betting.

Prop bets are very entertaining because they rely on how well a certain player or team will perform during the game. If you have a keen eye for these bets you can most often hit. The future bets work very similar to the prop bets.

NCAA Basketball Sportsbooks betting on Future NCAA Basketball Lines basically involves predicting the future for a huge payout. Some of the lines will ask what team will win the NCAA Championship or which team will win their conference. All of these lines have different odds depending on how good the team is. Overall, NCAA basketball betting can very fun and worthwhile in the long run. The March Madness tournament also provides many betting opportunities because of the plethora of games.

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Bovada - 20% to $100 Match

When you want the best, you go with Bovada, it's that simple. They're leading NCAA Basketball Sportsbooks with huge bonuses, which have no limit. First Deposit Sportsbook Bonuses are good for a 10% match, with no limit. Bet on all the games as Bovada has many NCAA Basketball Lines for you to select from. Easy deposits are a plus when wagering at Bovada. They accept Moneybookers, Credit Cards like VISA, Digital Pin, MyPaylinQ, NETeller, and others. Prefered by more online sports bettors than any of the other College Basketball Sportsbooks.

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Featured College Basketball Sports Betting Sites

Logo Sportsbook Reviews Bonus USA Players? Location Visit
Bovada Review 20% Match YES Antiqua VISIT
BoDog Review 100% - $200 YES Antiqua VISIT
SportsBetting Review 25% - $900 YES Panama VISIT
5 Dimes Review 50% - $200 YES Costa Rica VISIT
BetOnline Review 10 - 45% YES Panama VISIT
DSI Review 20% - $500 YES Costa Rica VISIT

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