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FanDuel is a branch off of the booming fantasy sports generation, offering those looking to play the chance to participate in a number of different leagues and sports. Unlike traditional fantasy sports that tie you in for the entire season, FanDuel allows players to get in on the action for as quick as a single day! You can play for free, or play for real money, with entry fees into leagues going for as little as $1, upwards of over $500. There is something for everyone who has ever been interested in fantasy sports at FanDuel. It is truly a unique concept and one that has certainly garnered plenty of attention recently.

FanDuel is based out of New York, and opened up their operation in 2009. They have gone from a modest beginning, now to paying out over $1 million every week through the variety of leagues that are offered. FanDuel is the latest and greatest when it comes to opening up different fantasy sports options, offering bettors more than any other league and site around. This is not like a traditional online sports betting site however it's pretty close to other forms of online gambling like poker because of how the site functions and how money is won.

Can USA Players Use FanDuel?

Players in the United States are able to use FanDuel legally. The only exceptions are for those living in the states of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana and Vermont because of state gambling laws.

Can Anyone Use FanDuel?

Anyone of legal age is able to use FanDuel, providing that gambling laws in your state prohibit such activity. And since Fantasy sports is excluded in the largest sports betting laws in the United States, many are able to play.

FanDuel Site Information - #1 For Paid Weekly & Daily Fantasy Sports Games

5 / 5 Overall

Ease of Software: 4.5 / 5
Betting Limits 5 / 5
Sports Offered 4.5 / 5
Games Offered 5 / 5
Overall Bonuses 3 / 5
Customer Support 4.5 / 5
Financial Stability 5 / 5
Deposit Options 5 / 5
Withdrawal Time 5 / 5
USA Players YES



Customer Service

Email Address

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Fastest Payout

Live Chat

Minimum Bet

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Year Established

New York City, N.Y.


Varies On Amount Of Deposit

PayPal - Only Takes Hours

Yes, Available

$1 USD



FanDuel Deposit Methods

Making a deposit into FanDuel is made easy, with a variety of options offered. FanDuel accepts credit cards in the form of Visa, MasterCard, American Express and even Discover. In addition, PayPal is accepted as well. PayPal is a quick and easy method to make a deposit, that is accepted for U.S. players. Because of the fact that this is for fantasy sports, PayPal gets in on the action which makes this go very smooth. PayPal does not do other sports betting site, but they are happy to deal with FanDuel. PayPal is very easy and quick to make a deposit, easily transferring into your account at FanDuel to begin playing.

FanDuel PayOut Methods

There are two ways to withdrawal from FanDuel. The first is by receiving a check through mail. This is only accepted if the account holder does not have PayPal. It is recommended that the account holder have PayPal, as it is the quickest and most efficient means to both deposit and withdraw from FanDuel. A payout from PayPal through FanDuel takes place within one day and is certainly an efficient manner to receive the withdrawal. FanDuel is very good with depositing and paying out. A check is available like we said, but it can take a period of one or two weeks.

FanDuel Deposit Bonuses

FanDuel has a welcome bonus where players deposit a certain amount that corresponds to a specific bonus amount. It starts with a $10 deposit in which a player would then earn a $5 bonus. But this goes up to a $200 deposit, where the player earns a $30 bonus.

Other FanDuel Promos - One of the really neat features at FanDuel is their concept of FanDuel points. This is where FanDuel gives back to their players by offering them FDPs (FanDuel Points) freerolls. These are earned every time a player put money to enter a tournament or a game. It doesn't matter how you finish in whichever game you enter, points are still earned. Players can always check the balance of their FDPs in their account information. These FDPs can be used to enter into other tournaments and games that cost money to enter. Players that have enough FDPs can select the option to use them instead of cash to gain entry.

FAQ's / More Info About

How does FanDuel work?

Like we mentioned at the outset, FanDuel is a different type of Fantasy sports league and site than you are used to. That is because these games last only one day or one week, depending on the sport. Players can play for free, or join paid games to earn cash. After players have chosen which contest to participate in, it's about picking your team based on the limitations in the game. The only requirement is staying under the salary cap, with each player designated with a certain dollar amount. From there, it's just like any fantasy league, with the most points winning the game. There are different levels to play in as well, including beginner, standard, and expert leagues. The differences that you will find in these are the disparities in the salary cap, with the more difficult leagues having lower salary caps.

How do I sign up for FanDuel?

Signing up for FanDuel is a very simple process that takes only a minute. Simply fill out your name, email, and create a password for the site. Then FanDuel will bring you to their main page, where you have the option to deposit and get started right away, or click around and explore a bit before deciding what you want to do. It doesn't get much easier than inputting your email and creating a password for your FanDuel account. The process is made quick, to get you in and going right away.

How do I join a tournament/league at FanDuel?

Right on the homepage you will be presented with a variety of league and tournament options. You can select and filter out the type of tournament or league you wish to join by checking the boxes that you are seeking. From there, the options geared toward what you are looking for will be presented on your screen. Simply click the one that you wish to join, and get going. You will find the entry fee, the start time, how big the league is, how many players, the salary cap. all of the information that you are looking for will be there, as well as can be filtered to what you seek. If you have enough FDPs, then you don't even need cash for your entry.

Is there a limit to the number of players/entries in FanDuel tournaments/leagues?

It really depends on which tournaments you decide to enter. There are tournaments that have as many as 1,000 or more players. And then there are some that match you against just one other person in a head-to-head battle. As a player at FanDuel, you have complete control of the types and number of tournaments that you want to enter. That also goes along with the various types of tournaments with different numbers of people. The majority of tournament fluctuate between 10 and 20 people. In fact, on some of the tournaments with hundreds of people, you can have more than one entry for better odds at winning. FanDuel is as good as it gets when it comes to choosing which tournaments you want to play. It's all up to you.

How much does FanDuel cost?

FanDuel charges vary depending on the different tournaments. They take a rake from all of the games, just like what happens at an online poker game. These rakes are where FanDuel makes their money, which is obviously an important factor for them! In 10 man tournaments, these rakes can be upwards of 10 percent.

What fantasy sports are available to play at FanDuel?

The most popular sports to play at FanDuel is unquestionably the NFL. They have a ton of NFL games and tournaments to enter during the season, from small to very large ones. But of course that is not all that FanDuel has. They also has the NBA, and MLB as well. College basketball and the NHL are also sports to play. And recently they just introduced college football to the scene. There are some other sports in the works, with the PGA Tour at the head of that class. Fantasy golf has taken off in recent years, and FanDuel hopes to jump on that and form some fun tournaments to take place during the year.

Where does FanDuel get it's stats from?

One of the most important aspect of any fantasy sport and the player looking to gain an edge are the statistics of whichever players or sport they are in. FanDuel uses STATS are their provider for tracking all of the most important statistics for the sports offered. This is a highly reputable company, that is also used by major network sites such as CBS.