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The NFL is one of the most widely bet on sports around. From the preseason, through the Super Bowl, oddsmakers field wagers for every game and a host of proposition odds. And if you are like us, then chances are you have placed some bets on the NFL, whether it be on a point spread, moneyline, team prop line, or another line. But as you know, no bet is guaranteed. But that is part of the challenge and what makes betting on the NFL so exciting.

The goal of this page however is to layout some betting tips, or perhaps some things to look into when going to wager on an NFL game. And really, these concepts and suggestions can be applied across the board in sports betting, but for this purpose we will try to gear it towards the NFL and putting money on NFL games.

Tips To Help You Win More Wagers On The NFL

Below are some simple tips to help you get the advantage when going up against the lines that oddsmakers have established. Some of these things can be accessed on this site, others you will have to do a little bit of research on. But, we know that if you use these resources and tips, you are going to go into each week more educated about who you are picking rather than just going with the old gut feeling.

Check The Lines Across the Board

This really only applies to point spreads, moneylines and over/under totals for NFL matchups. Most NFL game lines will be right around the same, but different sportsbooks can offer a point or two difference on the line. This could be huge in terms of covering the spread, especially depending on how you feel or who you are leaning towards picking. Find the line that best suits the points you feel most comfortable with. A team could be getting six points at one NFL betting site, and seven points at another. It makes a big difference.

Read The Injury Reports

Keeping up to date with the injuries in the NFL is paramount when it comes to betting on the NFL. As we all know, injuries have the potential to have a huge effect on the outcome of a game. Knowing who is in and who is out might not win you the bet, but it will certainly give you the best opportunity to make a well informed betting decision. NFL team injury reports come during the course of the week at all times, which you will be able to find on almost any credible sports site.

Betting Trends Are Friends

Betting trends can be your best friend when it comes to betting on the NFL, and there are a number of places and sportsbooks in which you can find them. These trends can be formed for weekly matchups in the NFL, detailing just about everything you could think of and more as it relates to hot and cold trends for teams. Bets are never 100 percent, but you put yourself ahead of the game when you review relevant NFL wager trends for a game you might be interested in betting. Sites don't often show trends and matchup history that are readily available so be sure to check these from a trusted source.

Don't Always Go On The Advice Of Sportscasters

We know it's tempting to tune into SportsCenter and listen to what's going on and what to expect this week. But really, how often are they wrong? The answer is a lot! It's mostly them regurgitating information and no inside information. Do your own homework and look for things that you believe to be important, while also taking into account what is said by the talking heads.

Check Prop Odds

While game lines and point spreads for NFL games are what is most commonly bet, there are a ton of great prop betting lines that take out a lot of the variables to a game, and focus on one small outcome. That certainly makes it a bit easier. Betting a point spread requires a lot of variables to go in your favor throughout the course of the game. Betting on a quarterback going over or under 300 yards passing is much more simple. It's still no guarantee by a longshot, but it takes out a lot of the factors that come into play when trying to cover a spread.

Be Objective!

We know it's hard not to throw in some bias when looking at your favorite team's upcoming matchup. After all, they are going undefeated and winning the Super Bowl right? Well, for most that's not the case. Staying objective when looking at all teams includes your hometown favorite! Take a step back, and be objective. Otherwise, try to steer from always betting on your favorite team if you really want to turn a profit. Try some other teams.

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