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NFL Football has been providing Americans with solid entertainment for many years now. It is by far one the toughest and most grueling sports out there. It also is one of the highest revenue sports in America. There are many teams around the league that make this game so exciting. There have also been many great stories throughout the years like the New England Patriots coming in undefeated and losing to the New York Giants in Super Bowl 42. Americans can not get enough of this great game.

With the high demand for the sport comes a large demand for wagering and betting lines. This page aims to help fill that need and educate readers on how different NFL betting lines function so that they can make smarter bets and win more when they cash in on successful wagers. Keep it clicked here to learn what you need to know!

More About NFL Betting Lines

Tons of people every year love betting on the NFL games all through the season. Las Vegas used to be the only legal sportsbooks out there for NFL lines. This all has changed through the internet and the invention of online sportsbooks. The sportsbooks offer all kinds of bets for every single NFL game of the season. Some of the most popular NFL lines you will find are spread, total, moneyline, parlay, prop and future. All these bets can be very fun and money-making during the season.

The spread bet is the most frequent bet you will come across when looking for lines and NFL odds. A spread bet for a typical game will look like this: Dallas Cowboys (+7) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (-7). In this game the Eagles are the favorite and have to win by 7 points in order to hit the bet. If we took the Cowboys, they could win or lose but by no more than 7 points. All in all this is a great bet that usually offers some good payouts.

The moneyline bet simply involves picking a winner outright at online sportsbooks. The odds will differ on these bets vs. the spread because of no point handicaps. The favorite will get paid out much less while the underdog will get paid out more. Another form of NFL betting lines you will commonly see is the total bets.

The total is purely the projected total score of the game. Sportsbooks allow for an over or under bet on these types of NFL lines. The total depends on many factors about the teams. If both teams have solid offenses but weak defenses it might be much higher. If it is the exact opposite, the total will be much lower. Another type of NFL lines that are not as popular are the prop bets.

Prop betting involves many lines that project how well a certain key NFL player will perform in a game. This can often be “How many yards will Brandon Jacobs have?” or “How many touchdowns will Carson Palmer throw?” They will also list a set amount of yards or touchdowns for each line. Prop betting is very entertaining because you can watch the key players win the bets for you. The last type of bet that should be reviewed is the future bets.

Future bets are very regular and feature similar NFL football lines across all sportsbooks. These bets can be made well before the season begins and feature such wagers as “Which team will win the Superbowl?” or “Which team will win the AFC?” The odds on the bets are great because they can be made before the season begins and before teams start to show who they really are.

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