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The NFL continues to be one of the most admired sports for all Americans alike. From the extraordinary teams like the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts to the great players like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. This game has established itself as an American pastime and continues to thrive off the millions of fans every year. Many people in America and around the world find NFL betting to be very profitable and lots of fun. With so many online sportsbooks offering tons of lines, NFL betting has never been easier.

Top Sportsbooks With The Most NFL Betting Odds:

Bovada - Best NFL Betting Odds

Bovada is one of the top sportsbooks that offers tons of NFL lines for every single NFL game of the season. They offer all the bets mentioned above and have some generous NFL odds for all these lines. Bovada makes depositing simply by offering many ways to fund user accounts including Visa credit cards and cash wire transfer services. Bovada will also give out a nice deposit bonus for all new players. They will match 50% of the initial deposit which can be worth up to $250 in freeplay bonuses + it comes with an extremely low 3x rollover. Bovada offers top notch customer service available 24/7 either through email or through toll-free telephone.

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dsi nfl betting - 25% Bonus, a sportsbook that covers nearly every sporting event, has all of the NFL odds you could ask for. Be it odds on a prop bet, the half time score, the total score, spreads, or more, has them. They operate all throughout the NFL season in order to deliver as much to their members as possible. Their 25% match bonus is one of the best that are available, as it gives up to $900 with a higher match rate than many other sportsbooks. Their deposit methods include all of the best e-wallets and credit cards, and they even have American Express as a deposit method. has made betting as easy as possible through their sportsbook, so stick to them if you want convenience above all else. Review Visit

BetOnline - 25% Match

BetOnline is another favored sportsbook of ours, as they are another in a list of the sportsbooks offering NFL odds. Exhibition, regular season, and post season games are all covered, as are futures and props. They have become one of the most comprehensive sportsbooks online. BetOnline offers a 25% match bonus, good for up to $1,000 bucks. BetOnline has several easy deposit methods for USA players, including e-checks and credit cards. BetOnline has made it their point to be one of the most successful sportsbooks possible. If you like betting on the NFL, you will definitely enjoy your BetOnline experience.

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Best Places To Wager On NFL Betting Odds

Logo NFL Sportsbooks Bonus USA Players? Location Visit
Bovada Review 50% to $250 YES Antiqua VISIT
BetOnline Review 25% - $1K YES Panama VISIT
SportsBetting Review 25% - $1K YES Panama VISIT
5 Dimes Review 50% - $200 YES Costa Rica VISIT
BoDog Review 100% - $200 YES Antigua VISIT

More About NFL Betting Odds

There are many NFL lines that these sportsbooks offer including spread bets, total, moneylines, parlays, props, teasers and future bets. Keep in mind that all of these bets will have different NFL odds and payouts tied with them. Spread betting on the NFL involves analyzing the actual spread line and making the best bet possible.

Spread bets simply give points to an underdog while taking points from a favorite in order to make a NFL line. A standard spread line you would run at an online sportsbook would look like this: Houston Texans (+3) vs. Oakland Raiders (-3). In order to Oakland to win this bet, they have to win the game by a field goal. If we took Houston in this bet they could win or lose but by no more than three points. Majority of the time NFL odds for spread bets are around -110. This means if we bet $100 on either team, we would get back $90 for $190 total.

Moneyline bets are an awesome way to participate in wagering on the NFL games as well. Moneyline wagers basically involve picking a winner outright. The NFL betting odds for the favorites will not nearly pay out as much because they have no points to cover and will win majority of the time. The underdogs though, will payout more than the spread because they are given cushion points to help the win. Moneylines are probably the best bets for parlays because they are one of the easiest bets to hit.

Totals bets basically involve picking the over or under for the anticipated total score of the game. The oddsmakers factor in such things like points per game and defenses stats while coming up with a final total score. The over or under NFL odds usually payouts

-110 for both picks.

Prop betting for the NFL is not as common as the bets mentioned above, but is still real enjoyable and can be very profitable. This type of bet involves lines that have many star players and their projected stats for a game. They could have such lines as over or under “Will Reggie Bush run for 100 yards?” or “Will Peyton Manning throw for three touchdowns?” Prop betting can also have some great NFL football odds and make it worth while.

Future bets have been gaining popularity over the years as some low risk/high reward bets. They will have many options to pick from but can payout very generously. A very common future line you will see is “Which team will win the Superbowl next season?” They will have favorites listed at around 6-1 payouts with the weaker teams around 80-1. Detroit Lions have the largest payout with 100-1 NFL odds.

The last type of bet that should unquestionably be reviewed is the Teaser bet.

Teasers bets are one of the more unique types of wagers you can make on NFL games. Teasers factor in directly with the spread to make the bet a little more interesting. You begin just like a parlay bet by picking 2 or more NFL spreads or totals. Lets say we look the Miami Dolphins (-6) vs. San Diego Chargers (+6) which has the total at 40. We decide to take the Chargers (+6) and the under of 40. Now here is where the teaser comes into play. The sportsbook allows us to get 6, 6.5 or 7 points added to our bet. We choose 6 points now our bet looks like this: Chargers at (+12) and under of 46. The teaser essentially makes our bet easier to hit. Keep in mind though that the payout will not be as good with a teaser since you are essentially enhancing your winning NFL odds. All these bets can be very fun and can make some serious cash if done right. Remember to choose your bets wisely and always wager within you bankroll on the NFL betting odds.

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